Mostakbal City Project

Mostakbal City Project

Mostakbal City

Mostakbal City Project is a landmark in the field of real estate development because it is one of the few places in the world that have developed new and innovative ways to build homes and provide all the necessary services and facilities. Mostakbal City is important because it is designed to reduce the population density of Cairo and the downtown area. It is also a city that is an important interface for living and investment. The units are designed with modern architectural styles and are very nice and modern. The city has many public services and facilities, as well as green spaces and beautiful places that attract customers. Units price and payment system are also important.

Location of Mostakbal City :

The city is located on the Cairo-Ismailia Road, about 3 km away from El Shorouk City. It is also located near the Obour Market.
The city has two main gates: one on Ismailia Desert Road, and the other on Al-Shorouk City Road and Mubarak Road. These gates are close to Carrefour markets.

Places Near Mostakbal City:

The most important city is located in New Cairo, among several other cities. Some of these other cities are very important, and are named after different names.

Cities near Mostakbal City:


A city located near the future. You can get there by traveling to Al Shuhada or passing through other parts of the city, which are elegant and have many services. Among the most prominent places in my city are the Liverpool International Academy, Arabesque Mall, and Madinaty Golf Club.

Obour city:

It is a place where people live, work and play. It is a place where people from all over the world come to be part of the community.

Obour City is located in front of Mostakbal City. It is only 20 minutes drive away from Ismailia Desert Road. It also has a number of educational services such as Ain Shams University, Misr International University, Golf City Compound, and Obour Market.


It is a city located east of El Shorouk City. You can reach it by driving on the Ismailia Desert Road and Badr Al-Ismailia Desert Road.

In Al Shorouk City, the sun rises every morning.


Roxy is a very nice town, only 10 minutes away by car. Roxy has many services and residential areas such as residential complexes, apartments, and villas. In addition to the British University, Galaxy Mall, and Heliopolis Club.

Transportation of Mostakbal City:

Many people are looking for the fastest way to reach the city of the future, so the best way to reach it is by bus.

Area of Mostakbal City:

  • Built on an area of 11,000 acres, the city is home to 1.25 million residents. It has a lot of jobs and a lot of green spaces.
  • The housing and services area will be built on 50% of the land area, while the area of services and public facilities will be larger, on 2,500 acres.
  • The city is also divided into sectors, with Sector T in the center and Sector U in the suburbs.

Designing of Mostakbal City:

  • The most famous city in the world is divided into two parts – the T sector and the U sector.
  • Each part is different in terms of architecture, the way people live, and the kinds of things that are available
  • Cairo has two gates, one on the desert road, and the other near the city center.
  • The apartments and villas are distributed over different areas, and the building has only six floors.

Stages of Mostakbal City:

Maxim started the Mostakbal City project in five phases. At the first stage, they create a model of the city. In the second phase, they started building the city using computer simulations. In the third phase, they tested the city by living in it for a year. In the fourth phase, they begin to make the city a reality. And at the final stage, they are still working on making it perfect.

  • The first phase: The first phase of the project attracted many customers through the establishment of services, facilities, and residential units. Each population has 114 individuals per acre.
  • The second phase: It includes a lot of public, administrative and commercial services in addition to recreational activities, in addition to designing many cafes, restaurants and hotels, both elegant and luxurious. The resort is located on an area of 1,715 acres.
  • The third phase: The residential complexes were established in Tal El Mahalla by experts in architecture on an area of 1,655 acres. It is built with the latest designs and features.
  • Fourth phase: the new project was built on an area of 2,034 acres. It has many residential units, public and commercial services.
  • Fifth Phase: The final phase of the project includes residential units, entertainment venues, buildings, and distinctive services.

 Services in Mostakbal City:

  • Commercial services: Sun Mostakbal Mall is a place where you can find many different types of stores and services. There are also places to eat, go to the movies, play games, and more.
  • Medical services: There are many hospitals and medical and cosmetic centers equipped with the best equipment and technologies, because they employ a team of consultants and specialists who know a lot about medicine and technology.
  • Educational services: There are schools in Mostakbal City, Egypt, where students can learn different things, such as how to play sports and how to study in a different language.
  • Security services: The city has a lot of security guards at its gates, and they also put guards under every house, with surveillance cameras.
  • Residential Services: The city is building residential projects and complexes for its residents. Examples include Bloomfields Compound, Youth Housing Project, Beta Greens Compound, and Odessa City Compound.
    Public and governmental services: The city has several special maintenance services for all its works. This includes things like electricity, water, gas, elevator maintenance, cleaning, and domestic services, as well as the city’s board of directors and housing and emergency fund.

Prices of Apartments for sale in Mostakbal City:

Apartment prices in Mostakbal City are very reasonable and suit all categories

Features of Mostakbal City:

  •  It contains all the services and facilities that you need.
  • There are many things that make traveling easier. The first is the availability of cars and buses.
  • The city gates will be more secure, making it safer for everyone in the city.
  • There are many large and spacious spaces around the compound and between each residential unit.

Disadvantages of Mostakbal City:

An integrated project, such as the city of the future, makes it difficult to find faults. There are many advantages in the city of the future, including the wide spaces and the many types of units for sale, which are available for all categories.

Advantages of living in Mostakbal City:

  • Mostakbal City is located near many important places on the Cairo-Ismailia Road, which facilitates transportation.
  • The city also has good transportation options, making it easy to get around.
  • The city is also located near some important roads, making it easy to access other parts of the city.
  • Also, the city of the Mostakbal is close to the location of the city of the Mostakbal of the armed forces, which makes it a vital city. The city has
  • applied all the security and safety standards that were set for the location of the Mostakbal City, making it a safe place for its residents.
  • The new city of the Mostakbal will have many streets and large green spaces between each residential unit to help achieve a high degree of privacy.

Living conditions in Mostakbal City:

  • The company that owns the Mostakbal City project sets some basic conditions for living in the city in 2023. These conditions include living in one of the three types of housing: residential, commercial, or administrative.
  • To be able to book City of the Future, you must be at least 21 years old. If you are under 21, you cannot apply. Families may apply for one unit only.

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The most Important Compounds in Mostakbal City:

Who is the owner Mostakbal City:

Engineer Essam Nassef, Chairman and Managing Director of the Mostakbal Urban Development Company, announced

A New upcoming project in Mostakbal City:

About a new service project in the city of the future. The project is called The Boulevard Project and it will include a wide paved street that runs through the heart of the city.

He explained that this project is a model of the Champs-Elysées in Paris, and will include mixed-use activities such as residential, commercial and administrative areas. The project will start from the entrance to the city on the central ring road and head to the main square in the first phase. The company has already completed the preliminary designs for the project, and the Mostakbal company will develop and develop this project according to the specifications required by some of the most famous international brands. One million pounds will be used to start implementing the development plan for this important project.
In January, he said, a contract was signed with New Homes real estate consultancy and development company, Coldwell Banker Commercial Advantage, to help promote investment opportunities in this project.
This project will include a lot of different places, including restaurants, cafes, shops for the biggest brands, cultural and entertainment facilities such as cinemas and theaters, and a special area called the Banks Complex.

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