New Cairo Guide

New Cairo Guide

New cairo Guide

New Cairo is one of the new major cities in Egypt, and it has a lot of different neighborhoods. Among the most famous of them are the first settlement, the third settlement, and the fifth settlement. If you are looking to buy an apartment in New Cairo, it is important to be aware of the area, its features, and the availability of services and amenities. Finally, be sure to check prices for apartments and villas in the area and find out how to get to and from New Cairo.

Location of New Cairo:

New Cairo is located in the east of Cairo, between the Cairo-Suez Desert Road and the Kattameya-Ain Sokhna Road. It has wide streets and low population density which makes it a quiet and peaceful place. It is connected by an integrated road network, which makes it easy to get out and get in, regardless of the time of day or night. The high location of the city is the reason for the mild weather, as the temperature is five degrees Celsius lower than Cairo.

Features of New Cairo location :

  • New Cairo is a sparsely populated city.
  • Most neighborhoods have high social and living standards, but some areas have average or higher standards.
  • The weather is mild in the summer and colder in the winter.
  • The Fifth Settlement neighborhood has good planning, but sometimes there is congestion in areas close to the Teseen Street area.
  • The widening of the streets made the city more livable in terms of appearance

Some of the famous places:

  • police Academy
  • Cairo Festival City Mall
  • Downtown Mall
  • American University
  • Petrosport Stadium
  • and the Air Defense Hospital.
  • Transportation and main streets in New Cairo:
  • When you are near a car, it is easy to reach New Cairo using the Ring Road, Suez Road, and Sokhna Road.
  • Public transportation is available, including state and private buses. This makes it easy to get to New Cairo.

Prices in New Cairo:

Prices are variable and suit all categories, so contact us to find out more details and suitable units for you

Features of New Cairo:

  • New Cairo City is one of the largest and most prestigious neighborhoods in Cairo. It is located in the eastern arc of the city, east of the ring road, and between the Cairo-Suez Desert Road and the Kattameya-Ain Sokhna Road.
  • New Cairo is known for its excellent planning and zoning compared to the rest of Cairo.
  • Its streets are wide and sparsely populated.
  • Most of New Cairo’s neighborhoods are considered upscale areas. These neighborhoods are close to important roads that connect the city with other parts of Egypt and the capital.
  • These neighborhoods make it easy for people to travel to different parts of the city quickly.
  • The Fifth Settlement is located near the ring road that surrounds the entire capital
  • It can access many different areas.
  • NA Road connects the residents of New Cairo to the Nasr City area.

Commercial and entertainment centers:

  • Concord Plaza
  • The meeting point
  • Americana Plaza
  • The Spot Mall
  • Pointe Niente
  • Sven Star

New Cairo Universities:

  • German University in Cairo
  • the American University in Cairo
  • Canadian University in Cairo
  • Future University in Egypt
  • New Cairo Academy
  • police Academy

New Cairo Schools:

  • Al Yasser Language School
  • Cairo Experimental Language School
  • Lycée Balzac International French School
  • Misr International School
  • Modern English School
  • Egypt 2000 Modern Schools
  • Concordia French International School
  • Misr British International School
  • New Horizons International School
  • The German Private School in Cairo
  • American International School
  • The European School in Cairo
  • The Egyptian Language School
  • French International School
  • Canadian International School
  • Ajyal Integrated Language Schools
  • Akhenaten Language School
  • Al Haramain Language School
  • The International School of Choueifat
  • Manor House International Schools
  • Bedaya International School
  • Manar Al-Farouk Islamic Language School
  • Salahaddin International Turkish School

Clubs available:

  • New Cairo Club
  • Golf courses at Katameya Golf Resort
  • Katameya Club and Sky Resort
  • Flying Club
  • Flowers Club
  • Platinum Club
  • Wadi Degla Club
  • Alahli football club
  • Egyptian Bank Club
  • Blackpool Club

For more information, contact us directly

The most important residential neighborhoods in New Cairo:

  • Choueifat neighborhood
  • Narges neighborhood
  • Al Andalus real estate
  • Northern Lotus District
  • Southern Lotus District
  • Cloves Neighborhood Villas
  • Northern Investors District
  • South Academy District
  • Abu al-Hol district

Beit Al Watan New Cairo is a city with different neighborhoods with different high quality projects and homes. These neighborhoods enjoy good urban planning based on the latest planning systems in the world.

New Cairo has several neighborhoods, each with its own unique features:

  • Al Banafseg District: Al Banafseg District is part of the important neighborhood of New Cairo. It can be reached through the main Teseen Street, and it has many villas and buildings. The area within the Banafseg Villas is divided into twelve sections that can be accessed through Teseen Street or from the Ring Road in the direction of the Police Academy. The city government is interested in having a service area in any part of New Cairo’s neighborhoods, so service areas are located in different parts of the Banafseg neighborhood.
  • Lotus neighborhood: Lotus is a modern neighborhood in New Cairo. It can be reached through Teseen Street, which is the main street in the area. The neighborhood is divided into the Northern Lotus and the Southern Lotus. South Lotus is probably nicer because it is close to the American University and has high real estate prices because there are many services nearby.
  • The Northern Lotus Region is divided into five regions, and the Southern Lotus Region is divided into six regions. There are four sports clubs near the lotus residents, which they can use. one of these
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