Nyoum Mostakbal Compound

Mostakbal City
Nyoum Mostakbal Compound
The Arab Developers Holding Company is constructing a new luxury residential compound called NEOM Mostakbal City Compound, which offers different types of units, from apartments to villas and even palaces with all amenities and services that you may want. The prices of NEOM Mostakbal City are very competitive, which makes it a great choice for those looking for an upscale lifestyle.
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The Arab Developers Holding Company is constructing a new luxury residential compound called NEOM Mostakbal City Compound, which offers different types of units, from apartments to villas and even palaces with all amenities and services that you may want. The prices of NEOM Mostakbal City are very competitive, which makes it a great choice for those looking for an upscale lifestyle.

Nyoum Mostakbal Compound

Nyoum Mostakbal Compound The Nyoum Compound’s opulent and exquisite design, breath-taking architecture, and harmony with the natural surroundings offer the best living conditions for every family as well as an exclusive package of integrated services and fantastic features that cater to the various needs of clients and investors.

The project is spread across a sizable 635,502 square metre area and has been brilliantly designed to breathe life into various spaces and allow residents to enjoy a unique and unconventional life; Whereas each housing unit was exquisitely executed to be unique, the units within Nyoum Al Mostakbal City vary between luxury apartments and villas of different styles and varying spaces so that the owner chooses among them his taste and needs.

Location of Nyoum Mostakbal City:

East Cairo’s Mostakbal City is slated to be the first smart, environmentally friendly city with a self-sustaining ecosystem. It elevates comfort to a new level by implementing cutting-edge smart technologies and facilitating smart communication between residents and all of the services offered nearby through the use of a mobile application that, among other things, makes parking and electronic payments easier.

In light of this, the property developer picked Nyoum Compound, located in the centre of Mostakbal City on the Cairo-Suez Road between Kilo 46 and Kilo 51 in the east of Cairo. A short distance from significant educational institutions in Egypt, such as The American University in Cairo, the project offers its residents quick access to the Regional Ring Road and the Middle Ring Road.

Advantages of buying a property in Nyoum Mostakbal City:

  • Own a unit in the Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound, a sustainable development built with the sole purpose of giving its residents’ hearts fresh life while fostering a greener future. The project’s most salient differentiating characteristics are:
  • The important strategic location in the heart of Al Mostakbal City, near the main roads and axes, makes the process of moving to and from it easily and convenient, as well as being away from the sources of noise and pollution in the cities.
  • Extensive gardens, manicured green spaces, and colorful flowers are spread throughout the project; which gives the residents an atmosphere of calm, comfort, and enjoyment of the picturesque nature.
  • Paved paths for lovers of walking or morning jogging and cycling.
  • In Nyoum El Mostakbal City, there are charming artificial lakes that give a feeling of joy and energy to the souls of the residents, in addition to the dancing water fountains where you can take the most beautiful souvenir photos.
  • Attention to providing the greatest degree of comfort, privacy, and luxury within the compound.
  • A children’s entertainment area has been allocated with many different activities and games that suit their ages and entertain their time.

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Services available inside Nyoum Mostakbal City:

Nyoum Mostakbal City is a uniquely designed project with a high degree of luxury and distinction. It also enjoys a lively atmosphere. It is the best choice for anyone looking for a quiet and comfortable place to live. Among the most important services provided to its residents are:

  • Using sustainable design techniques, the golf course inside Nyoum New Cairo has been skillfully designed; It offers you an exciting, challenging yet enjoyable experience, with the help of “Green Tyger Design Ltd” who are certified landscape architects with more than 20 years of experience.
  • There is Foot Golf, which is a fun mixture of two of the most popular sports (Football and Golf), in which you feel the adrenaline rush and develop your competitive spirit.
  • Get rid of all the stress of work and life in swimming pools designed specifically for your well-being and vary in size and depth to suit both adults and children.
  • Because your children deserve the best education, you will find famous international schools just a few steps from your home.
  • Establish a luxurious social club filled with world-class services from restaurants, spas, swimming pools, and many other facilities to enhance your living experience.
  • for an enjoyable shopping experience; It is available inside Nyoum New Cairo Street Mall, offering a variety of luxury brands that lovers of good taste are looking for.
  • A huge hypermarket to provide you with all your home needs of goods, services, and supplies, and there is a home delivery service.
  • Relax in comfortable chairs and watch the latest local and international movie shows in luxurious cinemas within Nyoum Mostakbal City.
  • Building a mosque in a sophisticated Islamic style to perform various religious prayers and rituals in a wonderful spiritual atmosphere.
  • Modern electric elevators for easy transition between the different floors.
  • Power backup generators operate automatically in the event of a power outage.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance services that solve all malfunctions immediately.
  • A series of luxurious restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and drinks by the most skilled chefs and the best workers in a quiet romantic atmosphere.
  • Gyms are equipped with the highest level of sports equipment and the best trainers who help you maintain your fitness.
  • For more recreation and luxury within Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound, there is a distinctive health club that includes a Spa House and private rooms with a sauna and jacuzzi.
  • 24-hour pharmacies to provide excellent treatment services and provide all types of medicines.
  • A tight security system of well-trained guards and non-stop surveillance cameras to avoid any theft and keep the property and residents safe.
  • Spacious garages that accommodate a large number of cars to avoid congestion and overcrowding in front of the units

Prices and Payment Systems in Nyoum Mostakbl City:

Don’t pass up the opportunity to own an integrated housing unit within Compound Nyoum Mostakbal City in a prime location that connects you to all the necessary areas and service facilities nearby, as well as implementing the project on a sizable area so you can live the luxurious life you desire and take in beautiful views of the landscapes that create an atmosphere of psychological comfort and make the air fresh and healthy.

The company responsible for carrying out the project was eager to offer prices outside of the competition, where the average price per square metre for residential units is 17,000 EGP, in addition to providing all the top-notch services to the residents and adding luxurious, artistic, and distinctive touches to every detail inside the building.

Not only that, but it also announced a payment system that is convenient for everyone and convenient to make the payment process easier for customers. Under this system, the customer pays the unit price in instalments over 10 years in equal instalments and without interest or pay any advance for the contract. As a result, we are giving you a wonderful opportunity on a silver platter; all you have to do is take it in order to secure your luxury apartment inside Nyoum New Cairo.

The types of units in Nyoum Mostakbal City:

The Arab Group for Real Estate Development was keen to make Nyoum Al Mostakbal Compound an integrated residential project in terms of units. The project offers different types of units with a wide variety of spaces, all of which have smart features. You will find the units divided into different areas as follows:

  • 1 bedroom 63 m
  • 2 bedrooms 103 meters
  • 3 bedrooms 143 square meters
  • The spaces vary in the villas with a panoramic view on the golf course. Starting from small spaces that were designed and executed intelligently 106 meters, then the spaces of the villas range from 169 meters to 283 meters and the spaces reach up to 338 meters.

What features of the Nyoum Mostakbal City complex are the most crucial?

  • The 151 acres of total land being used for the Nyoum Future City project represents a sizable amount for the project’s implementation. The project’s overall built-up area is just roughly 18% of the total project area. As a result, there is plenty of room to implement many of the services that make Nyoum Mostakbal City one of the most successful residential developments currently.
  • As we have indicated, Arab Developers Holding views the development of urban communities as its primary objective. The Nyoum Future project’s tagline, “Where eye meet greenery,” captures the importance that the project places on creating green spaces throughout the compound.
  • One of the project’s greatest successes is that it provides you with a sizable golf course right in the midst of the community. The field is devoted to the game of Footgolf, which combines two of the most well-known sports in the world, football and golf. The project’s layout also offers a comprehensive view of all the villas on the golf course. The apartments either look out onto the golf course or a portion of the lush landscaping.
  • The Nyoum Mostakbal City project assures you of a high standard of living that advances into the future. The construction company has ensured that the majority of the units are planned and equipped to implement the most recent smart standards found in residential units.
  • You can expect a superior standard of living in the future thanks to the Nyoum Mostakbal City project. Most of the units have been created and are capable of adopting the most recent smart requirements found in residential units, thanks to the execution firm.

You will find many of the primary services you are looking for within the Nyoum Mostakbal Compound. Services vary between entertainment and service, you will find:

  • Foot golf
  • Mosque
  • Nursery
  • International schools near your home
  • Swimming pools
  • Hypermarket
  • Street mall
  • Dedicated places for running and cycling
  • Underground garages

The Real Estate Developer of Nyoum Compound:

Arab Developers Holding has established itself as one of the top real estate firms by providing significant real estate projects both inside and outside of Egypt. The company is eager to give customers the greatest levels of originality and development in their units after making sales of 10,500 units and delivering 7,500 units thus far.

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