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Green Square Mostakbal City:

Italian cities are embodied in their most magnificent form in a new residential project within New Cairo, which is the green square compound, the new Green Square Sabour Mostakbal City.

The executing company has done a job to provide architectural beauty, luxury, green spaces, picturesque artificial lakes, restaurants and cafes all in the style of Italian cities.

All this makes the Green Square Sabour Mostakbal City Project distinctive from other compounds, and provides its residents with a quiet life and clean air like no other, besides the security and safety that pervades the entire project, and the compound is an integrated residential community with all the services and features that customers are looking for.


Location of Sabour square compound Fifth Settlement:

Square Sabour Mostakbal City compound is located in a privileged location close to all branched roads through which you can reach any city or government department quickly.

The Green Square Sabour Mostakbal City Project has a large number of apartments and duplexes for sale in Mostakbal city.


Areas close to Green Square Compound Mostakbal City:

Square Sabour Mostakbal City Compound overlooks many important Main Roads and axes, the most important of which are the following:


  • Green Square Mostakbal City Compound is located 20 minutes from the American University.
  • The Green Square Sabour is 10 minutes away from the ring road.
  • Green Square compound is close to Heliopolis and Nasr City.
  • Green Square Saturday is located 15 minutes from the new administrative capital.
  • The Green Square Sabour project is very close to Cairo International Airport.


Services and features of green square compound:

Green Square Mostakbal City compound is characterized by the availability of all services, public facilities and commercial centers in it, Which helps residents to shop for all their needs without spending much time and effort in addition to the features that the compound contains from its wonderful unique design, luxurious Italian style, the most prominent of these services and features are the following:


  • The design of green square compound inspired by Italian cities is very beautiful.
  • The location of the Green Square Sabour project is distinctive and close to many surrounding cities and roads.
  • Green spaces and artificial lakes with a magnificent view.
  • The variety in the space of the units in addition to the payment and payment facilities.
  • Private garages for cars and bicycles under each residential unit of green square compound.
  • There are nine houses of worship for a large number of residents of green square compound.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes at square Sabour Mostakbal City compound.
  • A mall and a huge shopping mall with all the household supplies of food, ice cream and international clothing brands.
  • Libraries, cultural houses, football stadiums.
  • Special places for parties and events.
  • There are many restaurants and cafes on the most popular international restaurants.
  • A sports club and a wellness center with integrated facilities and services.
  • Gym, spa, jacuzzi, Beauty Center.
  • A parking garage under each of the buildings of the Green Square project is patient.
  • A shopping center with many shops for appliances and furniture.
  • The compound has been divided into several different units such as apartments, duplexes and villas.


Types of units inside Green Square compound Mostakbal City:

The units are varied to suit all customers, including these units:


  • Residential apartments starting from one room up to four rooms and more, with either a ground or upper floor design
  • Duplex has different designs, either it is a ground floor with a garden or an upper floor.
  • The townhouse consists of a ground floor, a loft and a roof.


Reservation and payment methods green square assemblage Fourth Agreement:

The prices and payment methods within the grounds of Green Square are diverse in terms of unit size and type, which benefits customers and facilitates their decision-making. Additionally, Al Ahly Company offered payment and payment facilities to make it simpler for customers to purchase their dream apartment.


  • Pay 5% in advance, and the remaining balance over the course of up to 5 years.
  • Alternately, you might put 10% down and pay the balance over the course of 6 years.
  • Or a 15% down payment can be made, with the remaining amount spread out over 7 years.
  • Or 20% is paid up front, with the remaining balance spread out over 8 years.
  • 7% of maintenance is also paid when semi-finished items are delivered.


The real estate developer of the Green Square project:

One of the most significant projects inside of New Cairo, owned by Al-Ahly Sabbour developments company and for which Al-Ahly bank is the primary partner, is the Green Square Mostakbal City Green Square Sabbath compound. This neighbourhood is known for its design, which was influenced by the upscale and serene Italian lifestyle, as well as its picturesque surroundings.


In addition to creating the Green Square project in an ideal location in the first stage of the city of the future, which is a very privileged location for residents, easy to access, and has all public services and facilities available next to it, the company has also established vast areas of green spaces, crystal lakes, and artificial waterfalls in value suites Green Square.


Al Ahly Sabour Company has provided many payment and payment facilities to book units within the Green Square Sabour project, and there are apartments for sale and villas of different design and space suitable for all customers, and photos of the green square compound units are available.


Ahly development company has several strong and distinctive projects in its previous work all over Egypt such as Mostakbal city, sixth of October, North Coast, Sokhna, Sharm el-Sheikh.


For more information, contact us directly


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