Apartment 186m for sale in Rivan Compound New Capital

Apartment 186m for sale in Rivan Compound New Capital
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Compound Rivan the new administrative capital

Apartment 186m for sale in Rivan Compound New Capital, Rivan Compound, the New Administrative Capital, offers a wide range of residential units, from apartments to duplexes, with central air conditioning and great views of artificial lakes and green spaces. Available spaces range from 200 square meters to 580 square meters.

The Rivan project is distinguished by its privileged location on the main roads and main axes within the New Administrative Capital. It is located in the seventh district in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible and close to other vital areas.

In addition, the Rivan project covers an area of 17 acres, which provides enough space to implement its various plans. The project includes a wide range of services and facilities, including multiple residential units and beautiful green spaces.

Rivan Compound is distinguished for being the first hotel compound in the New Administrative Capital, as it offers various housing options to meet the different needs of customers. It also includes a huge shopping center that contains a variety of world-class restaurants and cafes, in addition to cinemas and other entertainment activities.

Rivan the new administrative capital

The Rivan project provides a luxurious residential environment and integrated facilities in the New Administrative Capital, and is an ideal choice for upscale living and enjoying the available services and facilities.

Al-Tameer Company strives to meet the tastes of people who seek excellence and sophistication. They carefully chose a location in the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the Seventh District and on plot F5. This site is characterized by its high location and proximity to the important roads and landmarks in the New Capital.

Rivan Compound is located near many prominent places, which makes it an ideal choice for people who want to invest in the Administrative Capital. The location near main roads and important landmarks allows easy access to neighboring areas and basic services.

The New Administrative Capital is a center for many governmental, administrative and economic activities, which makes it an important investment destination. Thanks to its privileged location in the Seventh District and its proximity to main roads, Rivan Compound offers promising investment opportunities for individuals looking for value-added real estate.

By choosing its location carefully and providing integrated services and facilities, Al-Tameer seeks, through the Rivan Compound, to meet the needs and aspirations of customers wishing to live in a luxurious and distinct investment environment in the New Administrative Capital.

Details of an apartment of 186m for sale in Rivan New Capital

Property type: apartment for sale

An area of 186 square meters

Number of rooms 3

2 bathrooms

Payment systems: without down payment and installments up to 10 years

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Services and features of Rivan Compound, the new administrative capital

If you own a unit in Rivan Compound, you will enjoy a wide range of services and facilities that provide you with comfort and luxury. Here are some of the services and facilities provided by the compound:

  • Security and guarding services: There is security and guarding at the highest level to secure the entire compound and ensure the safety of residents.
  • A commercial mall: contains a group of world-famous brands, in addition to a variety of restaurants and cafes that cater to all tastes.
  • Children’s area: It is equipped with the latest safety and entertainment facilities to ensure the comfort and safety of children.
  • Hypermarket: There is a large hypermarket that meets the daily needs of the compound’s residents.
  • Green spaces and artificial lakes: The compound has wide green spaces and artificial lakes that provide beautiful landscapes for all units.
  • Spacious garages: There is enough space in the garages for the needs of the compound units.
  • Hotel entrances: The Rivan project has luxurious hotel entrances that add a touch of elegance to all buildings.
  • Solar Energy: The compound is supported by solar energy to provide renewable energy and improve environmental sustainability.
  • Surveillance cameras: There are surveillance cameras throughout the compound to ensure the safety and security of its residents at all times.
  • Swimming pools: several are available

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The real estate developer, Rivan Compound, the new administrative capital

The Arabian Development Company for Development was founded by Eng. Marzouq Mansour known for his meticulous planning and excellent management skills. He has a long business history in the Middle East and North Africa region, especially the Gulf region and Saudi Arabia. This means that any project they undertake will be executed to the fullest

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