Stone Park Compound Fifth Settlement

Fifth Settlement
Stone Park Compound Fifth Settlement
Stone Park Compound is one of the huge projects that includes a large number of distinguished services and facilities, in addition to its strategic location, which attracted many customers, and even offers very impressive European-style architectural designs alongside green spaces.
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Stone Park Compound is one of the huge projects that includes a large number of distinguished services and facilities, in addition to its strategic location, which attracted many customers, and even offers very impressive European-style architectural designs alongside green spaces.

Stone Park Compound Fifth Settlement

Stone Park Compound Fifth Settlement, has all the amenities and modern features, such as its strategic location and a wide variety of units in terms of spaces and interior designs. It also includes an endless number of exclusive services for residents, ensuring that they have the best possible experience.

Stone Park Compound location, Fifth Settlement.

  • American University is just 10 minutes away.
  • Cairo International Airport is located nearby. 15 minutes from the most famous cities such as Heliopolis and Nasr City.
  • Close to Doxan Street. The Pyramids of Giza are 30 minutes away from the complex.
  • Heliopolis is very close. The complex is located a few minutes away from the German University.
  • This beautiful location has helped attract many people who are looking for luxurious residences and a peaceful life in Stone Park.
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Stone park space

460 – an area and this large area is related to the property company, so that the atmosphere of comfort and cleanliness, with the atmosphere of vehicles and the total number of vehicles and the total number of vehicles. 835 plots, apartments, parties, threats, independent villas and 400 square meters from 400 square meters up to 400 square meters, according to all these facilities, all facilities are designed.

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Services available in Stone Park project

  • Restaurants and dining rooms dot the stone garden, all of which have a beautiful artistic look. This wonderful coffee shop in Stone Park offers excellent customer service as it serves a variety of hot and cold drinks.
  • A dedicated security team provides full protection 24 hours a day, and surveillance cameras are installed at the entrances and exits of the complex. The complete guide to the best New Cairo joints
  • Green spaces with beautiful scenery, parks with beautiful gardens and stone parks had the greatest impact on the residents.
  • A beautiful artificial lake located in the midst of green fields added a special charm to this place. Markets and shopping centers that meet all the desires and needs that the residents are looking for.
  • A carefully designed gymnasium that offers the latest sports equipment. The pools are distributed symmetrically throughout the site and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everyone.
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  • The swimming pool is for ladies only, so you can have privacy and comfort at the same time, so that you can enjoy a private time without being disturbed. The children of the complex spend special moments of relaxation and fun in the recreation area specially organized for them, which is equipped with different types of games and swimming pools.
  • It is a large sports club with many courts for football, tennis and squash. All health clubs and spas are equipped with the latest equipment and devices and are characterized by the quality of services provided to guests.
  • Parking spaces have been arranged to prevent residents from having their cars stolen, from crowding in front of the building, and from compromising the aesthetics. Meditation and peace lovers have designated places to sit amidst the enchanting nature.
  • This includes many international banks that offer a wide range of banking transactions to their customers without leaving the compound. Amidst the picturesque nature, there are beautiful places suitable for parties and family gatherings of all kinds.
  • These services were the direct reason for attracting many clients who were convinced that they would provide a comfortable life dominated by various luxuries and improve the quality of life. Learn more about telecom in New Cairo

Payment systems in Stone Park Compound, Fifth Settlement

The company provides a flexible payment system so that customers can pay for the device without any load, and according to the agreement, 10% is deposited and the rest is in installments. 5 years or more and a maximum of 15% in the event of a separate system with guaranteed reserves, the rest to be paid in equal installments up to 6 years. Part of the supply of contract units with customers in the post-processing system, the company exists to give customers the freedom to choose post-processing according to their taste, without being restricted in any way. design.

From the foregoing, it is clear that there are few problems in the Stone Park Compound, Fifth Settlement, as the company took into account all aspects of ensuring the comfort of its customers, and the Stone Park Compound set its own requirements. Create completely incomplete phrases in this massive building that houses everything a customer dreams of. . Learn more about Fifth Estate properties for sale

The developer company and previous works

Stone Park Compound is one of the leading projects of  Roya Developments, which always strives to implement residential projects with the best architectural style, and has gained great popularity and confidence in the industry. The company supervised the implementation of many projects in various locations in Egypt, including:

  • Telal North Coast Compound
  • Telal El-Sunna Kadava Telecom Resort, 6th of October.
  • A stone residential complex in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Sol Resort, Telal North Coast

A truly beautiful complex which is a dream come true with high rise accommodation, immaculate ambiance and a lovely lively location. If you love high-end properties, then you should take the initiative to book a unit that suits your needs. This is a great opportunity for the project as the opportunity to live there is truly unique and rare.

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