Sephora Heights Compound Fifth Settlement

Fifth Settlement
Sephora Heights Compound Fifth Settlement
The "Sephora Heights Compound" project in the Fifth Settlement is one of the most luxurious and luxurious residential projects in the Fifth Settlement. It is noted that this huge residential complex has caught the eye of many clients
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The "Sephora Heights Compound" project in the Fifth Settlement is one of the most luxurious and luxurious residential projects in the Fifth Settlement. It is noted that this huge residential complex has caught the eye of many clients

Sephora Heights Compound Fifth Settlement

Sephora Heights Compound Fifth Settlement  is a really special place where people love to live and invest their money. It has a great design that will be appreciated by people who love luxury things. It’s also really big, with lots of space for gardens and lakes. This makes it a really peaceful and beautiful place.

There is a special place called Sephora Heights Compound that builds luxury homes with really great designs. They sell it for a good price and offer a lot of extras to make it worth it. Plus, they have a way for people to pay for it over a long period if they need to.

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Sephora Compound location, Fifth Settlement

Sephora Heights is a really nice place to live in New Cairo. It’s in a great location with easy access and away from the noisy and dirty places. It is also near important roads and highways. There are so many good things about living there!

  • Not far from American University.
  • There are also luxury stores, offices and fun places to go nearby.
  • It takes about 25 minutes to reach Maadi Ring Road.
  • And if you want to go to other cities such as El Shorouk City, El Rehab City or Madinaty, it takes about 15 minutes.
  • If you want to go to Nasr City or Heliopolis, it takes about 20 minutes from Sephora Heights in Fifth Settlement.

Features of Sephora Compound, Fifth Settlement

The person who built Sephora Heights wanted to make a truly luxurious place to live. They’ve added a lot of cool things that people want, like fancy features and fun things to do.

Sephora Heights is a great place to live because it’s not in a noisy or polluted city area, but still close to places of interest and easy to get to. There is a lot of greenery and beautiful lakes that make it look beautiful, and you can take great pictures in the water fountains. They also made sure to make it comfortable and private for the people who live there. The buildings are designed in a special way that people like, and there is a safe place for children to play with fun games. You can go for walks, runs or bike rides on the beautiful roads and the water, electric and gas systems are well set up.

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Services available at Sephora Heights

Here you will find everything you dream of getting your hands on a luxury living unit in Colonial Fifth by Sephora Heights. If an exclusive series of integrated services meets all your needs and requirements, the most important thing is:

  • Beautiful pools differ in their depths and shapes to meet adults and children.
  • Beware of the security aspect by using security staff and keeping the trainers at the highest level and installing several modern security cameras that work without stopping all movements.
  • The Sephora Heights location includes a range of garages that have been designed with the latest in ultra-secure estate care, and that are also in generous spaces to accommodate the maximum number of cars.
  • A group of high-end restaurants and cafes, delicious food and the most delicious drinks from the most experienced and best workers in a quiet romantic atmosphere. There is a large hypermarket with all the necessary household goods and supplies and home delivery.
  • Establishing a sophisticated spa within the Sephora Heights Compound, Fifth Settlement, on a global basis, including all options for luxury, relaxation, and personal care such as: sauna, jacuzzi, and spa.
  • For those who like to keep fit, there is a luxurious gym equipped with the latest sports equipment and the best trainers.
  • He established a sports club on a large area with many games for football, tennis, basketball and others for fans of different sports.
  • Luxurious rooms equipped with the latest technology, sound engineering and luxurious furnishings are available for various conferences and meetings. Pharmacy operates around the clock and offers all
  • Types of medicines and therapeutic services to ensure the health and safety of the population.
  • Building an elegant mosque in the Islamic style to perform prayers and various religious rituals in a beautiful spiritual atmosphere.
  • There are modern electric elevators for easy movement between floors.
  • A luxurious shopping center that includes many stores that offer the largest international brands that are sought after by customers looking for good taste.
  • There is an on-campus social club at Sephora Heights with a variety of recreational activities and world-class service facilities to enhance bonds among campus residents. Learn more about villas for sale in Fifth Settlement


Disadvantages of Sephora Heights Compound, Fifth Settlement:

The Sephora Heights Compound project, Fifth Settlement, makes it difficult to find faults. There are several advantages in the Sephora Heights Compound, Fifth Settlement, including the wide spaces and the many types of units for sale, which are available for all categories.

Types of units and their areas in the sephora compound, Fifth Settlement

Sephora Heights Compound is specially designed for you and your family members to lead a life full of luxury, comfort and development!

The Sephora Heights Group for Construction and Development took care of the good planning of the project and took into account the provision of the greatest degree of privacy and sophistication in every detail of it, starting from the distinguished choice of the geographical location and the design of the residential buildings in an attractive and elegant way, up to the picturesque landscapes spread throughout the place and the integrated services provided to the residents and others. One of the exceptional advantages that fulfills everyone’s dream of a luxurious and comfortable home.

Sephora Heights New Cairo is built on a large area of 84,500 square meters and offers a modern and wonderful experience that carries all the meanings of luxury and beauty, and it consists of 52 residential buildings, each of which includes a ground floor, 3 upper floors and a roof, and the sizes of the apartments in the compound vary so that the customer can choose from among them

commensurate with his taste and needs; Where it starts from 147 square meters up to 238 square meters.

Prices and payment systems at Sephora Heights

The Sephora Heights Group for Construction and Development provided its customers within the Sephora heights Compound with many distinctive features and various services that make them feel unique and unique within it, and it did not stop there; Rather, it was keen to provide very competitive prices for the various units in the compound, and announced flexible and easy payment systems, as evidenced by the following:

The price per meter for residential apartments within Sephora Heights Compound, Fifth Settlement, starts from 16,000 EGP.
The client pays a contract down payment of 20% of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 5 years.
All you have to do now is book your luxury residential unit to enjoy a quiet and comfortable residence in a privileged geographical location in the heart of New Cairo, and for more details; Connect with us!

About the real estate developer of Sephora Heights Compound

Sephora Heights Group is building a luxurious neighborhood called “Sephora Heights New Cairo”. They are really good at creating beautiful living spaces similar to those in Europe and choose good places to build. They want people to trust them and be happy with their homes.

Sephora Compound is a new elegant place to live in New Cairo. Really beautiful homes are easy to come by. If you want to live in a luxurious place, you should book a house there now.

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