Apartment 237m for sale New Giza Compound

2 Rooms 2 Baths 237 M²
Apartment 237m for sale New Giza Compound
Unit details
Number of rooms 2
Number of bathrooms 2
receiving date Immediately
Finishing type fully finished
Space 237
Payment method Cash or Installments

Apartment 237m for sale New Giza Compound

New Giza Compound

Apartment 237m for sale New Giza Compound New Giza Compound in 6th of October is characterized by its privileged location in the heart of 6th of October City, where there are many factories, corporate headquarters, and vital areas. The compound provides all service facilities and main roads, which increases its value and attractiveness to customers.

The interior units in New Giza Compound are designed with the highest international quality standards, inspired by the modern architectural style. All units have wonderful and direct views of the beautiful landscape, which adds beauty and charm to the place and provides psychological comfort and stability to the residents.

The developer offers unique and unprecedented prices that suit wide categories of customers and senior businessmen. In addition, it provides flexible and various payment systems that suit all purchasing capacities, allowing each customer to own the residential unit that suits his needs. You can pay a small down payment and the remaining amount of the unit price in equal installments without interest.

New Giza Compound Location:

New Giza Compound has a strategic location that aims to attract the largest number of customers. The compound is located in the heart of 6th of October City, specifically on Cairo-Alexandria Road at kilometer 22. This central location facilitates access to the compound from all important roads and axes, in addition to its proximity to service areas and upscale cities, which makes it a desirable destination for living and investment.

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Apartment 237m for sale in New Giza Compound

Details of a 237m apartment for sale in New Giza Compound

Property type: apartment for sale

Apartment area for sale: 237 sqm

Number of rooms: 2

Number of bathrooms: 2

Receipt date: immediate

Finishing type: fully finished

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Features of New Giza Compound:

New Giza Compound is a wonderful architectural work and represents a landmark in the history of architecture. It was built in cooperation with distinguished experts and engineers, and the finest raw materials were used in its construction. The compound has many unique features that make living in it a golden opportunity for customers. Among those advantages:

It offers spacious landscape areas of 2 acres of the total plot of land, and is characterized by stunning views, providing a strong sense of psychological comfort and stability. The compound also contains water bodies distributed in green areas, which adds a wonderful urban view to the residential units.
New Giza residential complex enjoys a vital location, enjoys a mild and calm climate, and is close to vital areas, roads, and main axes in 6th of October City.

New Giza Compound services:

New Giza residential complex in 6th of October is characterized by providing a wide range of facilities and services for residents. The following is a summary of the mentioned facilities and services:

  • Sports club: It includes playgrounds and fun games for exercising and promoting physical fitness.
  • Shopping centers: contain a wide range of shops that offer clothes, shoes, basic products, and entertainment services.
  • Gymnasiums: integrated sports equipment to strengthen the physical structure and provide experts in exercise.
  • Cinemas: There are 8 cinemas showing new and exclusive international films in high quality.
  • Restaurants and cafes: It offers a variety of international restaurants and cafes of high quality to meet the residents’ preferences.

These facilities and services enhance the living experience in the New Giza residential complex and meet the comfort and entertainment requirements of the residents.

Payment systems in New Giza Compound:

The developer of the New Giza 6th of October project offers flexible payment options to meet the needs of different customers. Here are some of the available payment methods:

Payment of the reservation advance: the customer can pay a reservation amount of 10% or 20% of the unit value upon signing the reservation contract. This allows the customer to reserve the unit and secure the right to purchase.
Installment of the remaining amount: The remaining amount of the unit price is paid by installments over a specific period of time without interest. For example, the remaining amount can be paid over 7 years or 8 years in equal installments. This allows the customer to arrange the payments in a way that is convenient and convenient for him.

These options provide flexibility to customers to facilitate the purchase process and meet their financial needs in flexible and convenient ways.

The real estate developer of New Giza Compound:

The company developing the New Giza real estate project is linked to a number of other projects that it has implemented in Egypt. Among these projects:

Ein Bay project in Ain Sokhna city: The Ein Bay project is one of the luxurious projects that the company has implemented. It is distinguished by its exciting location on the shore of the Red Sea, and offers luxurious residential units, recreational facilities, and various services.
Playa Seychelles Ghazala Bay project: The Playa Seychelles Ghazala Bay project is one of the projects undertaken by the company. It is located in Ghazala Bay, on the northern coast of Egypt, and is distinguished by its unique design and luxury villas that offer stunning sea views and a range of high-end facilities and services.
Ein Bay Ain Sokhna Resort and Al Ain Valley: The Ein Bay Ain Sokhna Resort and Al Ain Valley is an important investment project being implemented by the developer. It is distinguished by its privileged location and offers luxurious residential and resort units that include various recreational facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, and cafes.

These projects reflect the company’s commitment to providing wonderful real estate projects with distinct designs and high-quality services to meet the needs and aspirations of customers.

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