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Marassi north coast:

 A brief intro about marassi north coast

23 residential living areas, including anything from apartments to magnificent houses, can be found in Marassi. Each community has a distinct identity, theme, essence, distinguishing views, and architectural style that support each village’s uniqueness.

Marassi North Coast, which provides a pleasurable experience that blends elegance and sophistication for anybody looking for leisure, is one of the most significant and picturesque resorts on the North Coast. It is designed for those who enjoy nature and relaxation, and what sets it apart is the alluring seashore. Additionally, Marassi Marina attracts everyone searching for contemporary style, sophistication, and elegance.

Emaar, a known trend-setter, expanded on its success in Uptown Cairo by making Marassi the first premium international destination on the North Coast. The Compound is rapidly becoming into a premier holiday spot for:

  • golfing and leisure travel
  • In comparison to comparable developments on the North Coast, Marassi Resort occupies a massive area of 1544 acres. The project was carried out in Sidi Abdel Rahman and Al Alamein, respectively.


  Marassi location:

  • Marassi is located on the most prominent shoreline in the region, Sidi Abdelrahman, a wonderful Mediterranean gem.
  • To be more precise,125 kilometres west of Alexandria and a few miles from the ancient city of El Alamein.


  • There are 6.5 million square metres of it.
  • On the desert route connecting Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh, Marassi Emaar is situated at kilometre 125.
  • The Marassi property is distinguished by its proximity to Marina and its extension over two of the world’s most stunning beaches, Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach and El Alamein Beach, as well as by its convenient location about two hours from Cairo.
  • which is a special and easily-reached location that a lot of business men look for.
  • Because the North Coast is one of the most important investment cities where the major commercial
  • and real estate projects are appropriate for businessmen and important investors.
  • Marassi has it all, from gorgeous souks to interesting backstreets.
  • The magnificent shops and entertainment venues of Marassi are all about exclusivity, imagination, and chance.


Marassi design and master plan:

Marassi has seven enormous communities with a range of different sized dwellings. Its integrated services, facilities, and services that cater to all demands set it apart and make it appropriate for both year-round habitation and yearly summer vacations. When you arrive in the village of Marassi, you’ll feel as though you’ve journeyed to a place of other continents because it blends in its designs:

Greek and European designs with Egyptian and Arab elements as well as Moroccan influences.

With activities, luxury and joy, and it has all the services and facilities that Emaar has been keen to provide to its customers. It is necessary to mention nature and its magic, as the beach has been exploited to suit the enjoyment of the landscape when laying on it. The green spaces also complete the artistic touches. It is as if you are watching a painter paint until the magic and beauty of the artistic anchors of the painting is complete to increase its brilliance and distinction.

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The project exhibits the following facilities and features:

  • five beaches
  • 23 settlements with homes
  • Commercial project Mporium 3300 hotel rooms
  • Club House 18-hole golf course in one of the biggest international marinas in the Middle East
  • A family-friendly grilling area is located a good distance from residential buildings and locations.
  • In addition to luxury, tranquilly, and entertainment, the resort features incorporated privacy that enables you live peacefully away from the hassle.
  • there are numerous pools available for people of all ages, as well as designated places just for ladies.
  • Due to its location on Sidi Abdel Rahman’s most beautiful beach, the area enjoys pleasant weather all year long.
  • promoting tourism by providing unique services, a variety of arts, and numerous historical development activities.
  • Parking spaces as well as a large number of restaurants and cafes



  • Providing the largest security crew that secure the project on all properties
  • large entertainment area with a large number of diverse activities and a special safe kids areas
  • wide beaches with cafeterias and chalets overlooks the beach directly
  • A free grass space, various landscapes and artificial lakes that give a perfect natural view
  • Affording Wifi connection throughout the project in order to browse the internet freely and safely
  • A special place for pets
  • sports club as well as a gym and spa for both women and men in addition to football and gold playgrounds
  • A 5 stars hotel , cinema and Aqua Park gardens
  • A conference room that is highly equipped with the latest techniques and devices
  • Family areas in restaurants , cafes , beaches and clubs


Payment plan

5% down payment & installments up to 6 years


Emaar Development History: The developer:

Emaar Misr has offered its services in the real estate sector for about 30 years, and throughout that time, it has amassed a wealth of experience.

In order to be the most distinctive property ever and the shining star in the real estate industry over those 30 years, it did its very best and paid close attention to selecting the greatest and most distinctive projects to launch

Emaar misr property launched a lot of projects before that got a howling success like:

  • Mivida Compound -New Cairo
  • Uptown Cairo – New Cairo
  • Cairo Gate, Sheikh Zayed -New Cairo.

And as the top of Emaar Misr’s achievements, Marassi North Coast has been launched.

This is among the nicest and most opulent tourist villages ever introduced

due to ensure the total comfort you and your family desire.


Marassi North Coast’s  Type Units

Marassi has a number of Villages, each with its own set of unit types:

  • Riva Marassi Golf: Standalone Villas
  • Altea:Twin and Town Houses
  • Marassi Marina Views: Apartments and Penthouses
  • Marassi Faya: Apartments
  • Marina West: Apartments and Penthouses
  • Marassi Lea: Apartments
  • Marassi Greek Village 2: Apartments and Townhouses
  • Skaia: Twin and Town Houses
  • Marassi Greek Village: Apartments and Townhouses
  • Marassi Bay: Standalone Villas
  • and several other villages


Spaces Available For Residential Units:

A significant portion of unusual residential units and opulent villas may be found at Marassi Resort .and the number of storeys determines how different the flats for sale are from one another. With accommodations with a lovely view, including studio, penthouse with two levels, Townhouses, twin houses, and chalets offer great rates and different views of gardens and water features.

  • The chalet area starts from 73 M to 480 M2 designed in a modern way and various decorations. Townhouse area starts from 232 M to 327 M2 Twin House area starts from 363
  • M2Villas are located in a separate place with area starting from 322 M 2 to 785 M2 designed with the latest modern works.



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