Bellagio Compound fifth settlement

New Cairo
Bellagio Compound fifth settlement
Settling in Bellagio Compound in New Cairo is a unique opportunity for living and investment. The project provides a wide area and a limited number of real estate units to ensure the comfort and privacy of the residents and to avoid overcrowding and overcrowding. It is characterized by providing a limited number of real estate units, as the group includes only 347 villas. There are three different models of villas available in the compound.
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Settling in Bellagio Compound in New Cairo is a unique opportunity for living and investment. The project provides a wide area and a limited number of real estate units to ensure the comfort and privacy of the residents and to avoid overcrowding and overcrowding. It is characterized by providing a limited number of real estate units, as the group includes only 347 villas. There are three different models of villas available in the compound.

Bellagio Compound Fifth Settlement

Bellagio Compound Fifth Settlement, is a comprehensive project being developed by Arco Real Estate Investment Company, one of the leading Egyptian real estate companies with a long history in the field of real estate. The project is characterized by the availability of luxury villas only, of various types, such as townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas, and they are available for sale on a cash payment system or installments over several years.

Units are available in Bellagio with fully finished, super lux, or semi-finished, according to an agreement with the client. The villas are distinguished by their elegant and contemporary design, and the project provides many distinguished services and facilities such as green spaces, recreational areas, swimming pools, commercial places, and public places for social gathering.

Bellagio New Cairo is an integrated project that meets the needs of families looking for luxurious housing in a quiet and safe environment. The project enjoys a prime location in New Cairo, with easy access to vital areas and basic services in the city.

In short, Bellagio New Cairo is a luxurious and integrated residential project that provides villas with a variety of designs and high-quality finishes, in addition to various services and facilities that guarantee a distinctive residential experience for the residents.

Bellagio Compound Location:

Bellagio Compound New Cairo enjoys a prime location in the Northern Investors Area. It is bordered to the north by the Sadat axis and Al-Rehab City, and to the south by the Northern Teseen Road. The Tahrir Axis and the Northern Investors Area extend from the east, while the Muhammad Naguib Axis and Al-Banfseg neighborhood are located from the west.

These strategic locations facilitate access to Bellagio from the various surrounding areas. And thanks to its presence in the heart of the northern investors, the compound enjoys close proximity to important facilities and services, including schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial centers.

Bellagio Compound New Cairo enjoys a strategic location that places it near many vital areas in Cairo. The project is only 15 minutes away from Cairo Festival City Mall, and it takes about 9 minutes to reach the American University, and about 13 minutes to reach the German University. In addition, the most important neighborhoods and areas of Cairo can be reached in less than 35 minutes.

What makes the location even more attractive is its proximity to the New Administrative Capital, which is the future seat of government and business in Egypt. The new administrative capital is expected to play an important role in economic growth and development in the coming years.

In short, Bellagio New Cairo’s location allows residents to easily access many important destinations in Cairo and the New Administrative Capital, making it an ideal choice for living and investing in a growing and developed area.

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Types and spaces of units within Bellagio Compound:

Bellagio Compound New Cairo has been allocated by Arco Real Estate to host villas only, and the types of villas in the project have been diversified to meet different needs. The following are the available villa types:

Townhouses: Townhouse villas are similar in exterior design to the surrounding buildings, and share external walls with their neighbours.
Twin House: Twin House villas consist of two independent parts inhabited by two different residents, and each part has a private entrance and private garden, however, they have the same interior and exterior design.
Stand-alone villa: The stand-alone villa is a stand-alone building that does not share its external walls with any other villas. These villas have a unique design and a private garden, and a garage and swimming pool may be provided for some of them.
In Bellagio Compound, there is a variety of villas’ spaces, starting from 350 square meters up to 800 square meters, allowing customers to choose the size that suits them and matches their housing needs.

Units design in Bellagio New Cairo:

The Bellagio New Cairo project was implemented using the latest architectural methods and under the guidance of the most skilled engineers in the field. Attention was paid to the smallest details and the use of the finest materials in the construction process, ensuring high quality and durability of the project.

Emphasis has also been placed on the spaces between the buildings to achieve privacy and tranquility for the residents. Green spaces, residential units and facilities have been distributed in a balanced way, creating an aesthetic balance and a modern and harmonious destination.

Bellagio New Cairo is designed to be an exceptionally distinguished and contemporary project. Attention has been paid to achieving a balance between architectural elements, green spaces and services provided, resulting in a unique and harmonious architectural painting.

In short, Bellagio New Cairo was designed using the latest architectural technologies and the best materials, with attention to privacy and a balance between different elements, which makes it a modern and unique project in New Cairo.

Features of Bellagio Compound New Cairo:

There are many features available in Bellagio Compound New Cairo, which make it an ideal choice for stability and investment. Here are some of those features:

  • The unique location: Bellagio is strategically located in the heart of New Cairo, making it easy to access vital areas, commercial centers and basic facilities in the city.
  • Availability of Services: The compound provides a variety of services and facilities that meet the residents’ needs, including green spaces, swimming pools, recreational areas, and commercial places.
  • High-End Designs: The villas at Bellagio are designed in an upscale and sophisticated style
  • visual, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious residential experience.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Bellagio offers flexible payment plans to buyers, allowing them to tailor payments according to their personal financial circumstances.
  • Competitive prices: Bellagio is characterized by offering competitive prices in the real estate market, which makes it a good opportunity to get a luxury villa at an affordable cost.
  • In short, Bellagio Compound combines its privileged location, high-end designs, availability of services, flexible payment plans, and competitive prices, making it an attractive choice for housing and investment in New Cairo.
  • Services of Bellagio Compound New Cairo:

Bellagio Compound New Cairo provides a wide range of distinguished services for its residents. These services include:

  • Basic facilities: The compound has all basic facilities such as drinking water, electricity, sanitation and hygiene connections, internet and communications cables, ensuring a comfortable and comfortable life for the residents.
  • Gardens and trees: Bellagio is characterized by the presence of spacious gardens and green spaces, providing a beautiful and refreshing environment for residents to relax and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Artificial lakes and landscapes: The compound contains beautiful artificial lakes and landscapes, which add beauty and attractiveness to the project.
  • Club House: There is a modern club house equipped with sports and entertainment facilities, where residents can practice sports and enjoy recreational activities.
  • Sports facilities: The compound includes tracks for jogging and cycling, a health club and a spa equipped with the latest sports equipment to maintain physical fitness and relaxation.
  • Social Club: The compound provides a social club where the residents can communicate and interact with each other, and organize social events.
  • Swimming pools: The compound has unique swimming pools to enjoy relaxing and entertaining times.
  • Places for children to play: Bellagio is characterized by the provision of play areas designated for children, which contributes to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for them.
    Security, guarding, and surveillance cameras: An integrated security system is provided with 24-hour security and surveillance cameras, ensuring the safety and security of the residents.
  • Mosque: There is a large mosque within the compound to meet the residents’ religious needs.
  • Commercial Center: The compound contains a commercial center that includes a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes, providing the convenience of shopping and dining for the residents.
  • Garage: Garage spaces are provided for parking cars in an organized and safe manner.
    In short, Bellagio Compound New Cairo provides a comprehensive set of distinguished services, making it a comfortable and integrated community for housing and investment.

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Payment systems and payment plans:

Bellagio Compound New Cairo offers flexible and various payment options to meet customers’ needs. You can buy the unit either with cash and immediate payment or with an installment plan over several years. In addition, you can pay part of the unit value and the remaining amount in installments according to the financial plan that suits you.

For delivery, it is provided on the spot, which means you can collect the unit when payment is completed and final details are agreed upon. The unit is ready with complete finishes, providing you with comfort and facilities to start living in.

In short, Bellagio Compound New Cairo provides flexible payment options, including cash and installment payments over years, while providing immediate delivery of the unit with full finishes.

Bellagio New Cairo Compound Prices:

Unit prices in Bellagio New Cairo project vary according to several factors, including unit type and area, as well as changes in the real estate market during the purchase period. Prices may be affected by market fluctuations and changes in supply and demand.

The real estate developer of Bellagio Compound New Cairo:
ARCO is one of the most prominent real estate companies in the Egyptian market, and it is the developer and executor of the Bellagio Compound New Cairo project. Arco Real Estate Company was established in 2005 AD and has a long experience in the real estate industry in Egypt.

ARCO aims to build and develop residential communities and integrated commercial projects that enhance the welfare and comfort of the residents. The company seeks to achieve development and upgrading the community by providing a unique and distinct residential experience.

Using its expertise and the expertise of its professional team, ARCO works to implement real estate projects of high quality and distinguished designs. The company seeks to meet the needs of customers and provide innovative housing solutions that meet the requirements of modern life.

In short, ARCO is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, and aims to create and develop residential communities and integrated commercial projects that provide comfort and well-being to the residents, and contribute to improving the quality of society and the living experience in general.

Previous works of Arco Real Estate Development Company:

Arco owns one of the largest real estate lands in Egypt and has a wide range of projects that include residential, administrative, hotel and tourism projects. The company has achieved great success in implementing more than 500 diverse projects.

Among the most prominent projects of Arco, we can mention:

Royal Meadows Sheikh Zayed Compound: This project is considered a luxury residential compound in Sheikh Zayed, and it is characterized by modern designs and integrated facilities to meet the needs of the residents.
La Vanade 6th of October: This compound is located on the 6th of October, and it offers a range of luxurious residential units and recreational facilities.
These projects are an example of the diversity and quality of Arco projects, and reflect its commitment to providing high quality projects and achieving customer satisfaction.

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