Villa for sale 960m in Rabwa Sheikh Zayed Compound

5+master Rooms 5 Baths 960m M²
Villa for sale 960m in Rabwa Sheikh Zayed Compound
Unit details
floor First
Number of rooms 5+master
Number of bathrooms 5
receiving date Immediately
Payment systems 10% down payment and installments up to 7 years without interest
Finishing type Super Lux
Space 960m
Payment method Cash or Installments

Villa for sale 960m in Rabwa Sheikh Zayed Compound

Villa for sale 960m in Rabwa Sheikh Zayed Compound, Al Rabwa compound by Talaat Mustafa real estate development company in a prime location in Sheikh Zayed City, Al Rabwa Zayed compound includes only villas that vary in terms of spaces and are designed in a modern architectural style that suits high taste, with comprehensive services and various payment systems available.

Details about Al Rabwa compound:

Talaat Mustafa real estate development and marketing company has hired the largest engineering consulting companies to design Rabwa Zayed in a modern European style.

The company has also been keen to provide comprehensive services and various advantages within al Rabwa compound, in order to meet all the needs of customers and their different desires.

The residents inside the Sheikh Zayed Al Rabwa project enjoy the clean environment and fresh air thanks to the spread of greenery and dense trees.

Knowing that the Sheikh Zayed Knoll was allocated for villas only, knowing that few were built, which allows privacy due to the spacing between each unit and the other.

Despite the availability of integrated services, high-end architectural design and various space units, the company has made available the Rabwa compound Zayed units at fantastic prices that suit most customers ‘ budgets.

Location of the Sheikh Zayed Rabwa compound:

Al Rabwa Sheikh Zayed compound is located near the first Egypt Alexandria Desert Road, about 4 square kilometers before the sixth of October City, and it is a strategic location that makes it close to the following places:

  • Mohandeseen: Rabwa compound is a short distance from the Mohandeseen neighborhood in Giza, not exceeding a third of an hour.
  • Lebanon Square: the distance separating the compound from Lebanon Square is only about 22 minutes.
  • Zayed mall: Rabwa Zayed is separated from Sheikh Zayed mall by a distance of only 3.3 square kilometers.
  • Downtown: the compound is located 1.3 square kilometers from the heart of the downtown area of the administrative capital, which is about two minutes only.
  • Zayed Hospital: the Sheikh Zayed Al Rabwa project is only about three minutes away from Zayed specialized hospital, while it is no more than five minutes away from global care hospital.
  • Cairo desert: Sheikh Zayed Hill is also located 850 square meters from the first Cairo desert road.
  • The sixth of October City.
  • July 26: al Rabwa Zayed compound is very close to the July 26 axis, which makes it very easy to reach it.

Villa for sale 960m in Rabwa Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • Property type: Villa
  • Property size: 960m
  • Bedrooms: 5 + Master
  • Bathrooms: 5

Advantages of buying a villa in the Al Rabwa Zayed Compound:

  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Private Jacuzzi
  • Private Garden
  • Maid Service
  • Built in Wardrobes
  • Balcony
  • Private Gym
  • Shared Gym
  • Maids Room
  • Study room
  • Walk-in Closet
  • Private Pool
  • Pets Allowed
  • View of Water
  • View of Landmark
  • Covered Parking
  • Spa

The area of Al Rabwa Sheikh Zayed compound:

The area of Al Rabwa Sheikh Zayed compound is estimated at about 505 acres, which is a vast area that allows using a large part of it to provide landscapes and gardens.

It should be noted that a small area of only 9% of the total area of Al-Rabwa compound has been allocated for the provision of residential units.

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Details of the units in Al Rabwa Sheikh Zayed compound:

Talaat Mustafa company has allocated part of the area of Rabwa Zayed in order to provide distinguished residential units, as evidenced by the following:

Types of units:

The units within the compound are varied as follows:

  • Villas in the Sheikh Zayed round about .
  • Twin house in the Sheikh Zayed Al-Rabwa project .

Unit spaces:

About 970 villas and twin houses with different sizes are available inside Al Rabwa Zayed compound, including the following:

Villas: the area starts from 300 square meters, while the land area is 800 square meters.

Twin house: the area starts from 245 square meters.

Core modules:

The owner company was keen on the design of the Sheikh Zayed Al-Rabwa compound similar to the architectural style in Europe, where it rises about 140 square meters above sea level.

It has also provided vast green spaces, gardens and dense trees, which provides a clean, pollution-free atmosphere, as well as giving residents a sense of positive energy and psychological comfort.

Inside Al Rabwa Zayed there are villas consisting of two ground and first floors with a private garden, and it is also available to provide the villa with a swimming pool.

The units inside the super lux compound are equipped with all the necessary equipment such as windows, air conditioning and others.

Features and services of Al Rabwa Sheikh Zayed compound:

The various benefits and services available within the Sheikh Zayed roundabout are as follows:

  • Parking: each villa has its own parking garage.
  • Golf: within the Sheikh Zayed Al Rabwa project, there are spacious golf courses equipped with a golf car to facilitate movement between the project.
  • Lake: Al Rabwa Zayed compound has been provided with a huge Crystal Lake with a length of 80 square meters and a width of 30 square meters.
  • Cleaning service: innovation of a waste collection and disposal system in addition to cleaning the units from the inside.
  • Bowling alley: the compound is equipped with a world-class bowling alley, in addition to entertainment venues including PlayStation and ping pong.
  • Sports club: Al Rabwa compound includes a club that includes a number of large playgrounds for practicing all kinds of sports activities such as football, tennis and basketball.
  • Social Club: a part of the compound’s space was also allocated to build a social club to practice all kinds of recreational activities and gather with the family amid the charming nature.
  • Commercial center: a huge commercial center has been provided, which includes many shops selling all international goods and brands.
  • Mosque: a large mosque was built inside Sheikh Zayed’s Rabwa compound to perform prayers and conduct religious rituals.
  • Supermarket: providing a large supermarket for the sale of all consumer goods, food supplies and various beverages.
  • Swimming pools: providing each unit with its own swimming pool with a gradual depth to suit all ages.
  • Club house: providing the Sheikh Zayed Al Rabwa project with a club house equipped with all modern entertainment facilities.
  • Maintenance services: providing technicians specialized in repairing various types of malfunctions and maintaining facilities.
  • Infrastructure: Al Rabwa Zayed compound has been provided with a strong infrastructure.
  • Service facilities: all the various service facilities have been provided, which are water, natural gas, electricity and sewage connections.
  • Food court: Rabwa Zayed includes a large area containing a number of restaurants and cafes that provide international services.
  • Medical service: al-Rabwa compound includes medical centers for patient care, as well as a large pharmacy for dispensing all types of medicines.
  • Security and guarding: providing security and safety to residents and preserving their property through security personnel deployed throughout the day.
  • Surveillance cameras: distribution of surveillance cameras with advanced technologies throughout the Sheikh Zayed Knoll, which operates 24 hours a day.
  • Spa: available inside Al Rabwa Sheikh Zayed compound spa, jacuzzi, sauna, gym equipped with the latest international sports equipment.
  • Beauty center: Al Rabwa Sheikh Zayed project has been provided with a beauty center equipped with the finest types of international preparations.
  • Party areas: open barbecue areas and closed halls are allocated for holding all types of parties.
  • Kids area: allocate a recreation area for children equipped with all entertainment and entertainment.
  • Entertainment areas: it includes a variety of games that suit adults and children.
  • Tracks: allocate tracks inside the Rabwa compound, some for running and walking and others for riding various types of bicycles.

The system of booking and installments in Rabwa Sheikh Zayed:

Talaat Mustafa company has made various payment systems available when purchasing a unit inside Sheikh Zayed Hill, using a convenient installment system with the lowest contractual downpayment and the longest repayment period.

The real estate developer of Rabwa compound:

Al Rabwa Sheikh Zayed compound is implemented by Talaat Mustafa real estate Development Company, which has an experience of more than 50 years of achievements, where it was established since 1980.

The company that owns the Sheikh Zayed Al-Rabwa project has developed more than 33 million square meters of land throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The company has delivered more than 910 thousand residential units with super lux finishes, and has also implemented several projects, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Implementation of rehab city.
  • Create my city.
  • Rabwa compound New Cairo.
  • Implementation of Celia compound, the administrative capital.
  • May Fair compound, Shorouk City


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