Apartment for sale in Blue Tree Compound New Cairo

2 Rooms 3,800,000 EGP
Apartment for sale in Blue Tree Compound New Cairo
Unit details
Number of rooms 2
receiving date 4
Payment systems 10% down payment and installments up to 8 years without interest
Finishing type Semi finished
Price 3,800,000

Apartment for sale in Blue Tree Compound New Cairo

Blue Tree Compound New Cairo

Apartment for sale in Blue Tree Compound New Cairo The Blue Tree Compound New Cairo is a really good place to live in because it uses the latest international standards in construction and makes things easier for people. The company studied all the available land in the Fifth Settlement, and chose the best sites to build its buildings. The buildings are designed to make their customers feel good about themselves, and to make it easier for them to move around. One of the main axes of the buildings runs through it, and it has dedicated a lot of space to the visual aspect which made it look attractive from within your unit. You can also find modern European design, along with elegant interior finishes in most of the units. Prices are very reasonable, payment terms are very short with no additional interest.

The location of the Blue Tree Compound:

Sky Abu Dhabi has found a new home for its people in Egypt. One of these places is in the Blue Tree Compound in New Cairo. It’s a great place to live because it has so many things to do and see nearby.

Features of the Blue Tree New Cairo Compound location:

  • The Ring Road is a road that connects many important places in Egypt.
  • There are also many important schools and universities and some of the best hospitals on C-Ring Road.
  • There are also some of the most luxurious residential compounds on the middle ring road, such as Alcazar Compound, New Cairo.

Apartment for sale in Blue Tree Compound New Cairo

  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Payment method: 10% down payment and installments over 8 years
  • Finishing type: semi-finished
  • Delivery: 4 years
  • Apartment price for sale: 3,800,000

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The space of the Blue Tree Compound New Cairo

Sky Abu Dhabi Development Company has established a large space for its real estate projects, the Blue Tree Compound and New Cairo. This will enable them to offer a wide range of services and facilities, as well as recreational activities, all in one place. The most important factor in ensuring the success of any project is the large area it covers. This will enable the provision of a wide range of services and facilities, as well as recreational activities, all in a central location.

The compound contains 1,300 apartments, duplexes, and penthouses. Its area is 35 square meters, and it has all the services and leisure activities that you may need in your daily life, including a gym, swimming pool, and spa. The company chose to build a huge and beautiful area in the middle of a nature reserve. Most of the grounds are designated for beauty, including landscaping with many green plants and neatly manicured trees, as well as rare floppy flowers that are reflected in the sparkling crystal lake surrounding it. This creates a beautiful painting around the entire complex, which can provide relaxation over time.

Design of the Blue Tree Compound New Cairo:

Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Investment and Development Company used the best European designs for its latest residential project, the Blue Tree Compound. This way, they make sure that everyone who sees the project is impressed, and that clients feel special over time. They also worked with the largest experts in engineering consultancy who helped them to use the strongest materials in construction. This will ensure that the buildings will last for a long time regardless of any external factors.

The company wanted to create a complex with beautiful views of a painting that mixes the colors of the picturesque nature and a sparkling crystal lake. This will provide psychological relief to all owners over time

Services and features of the Blue Tree Compound New Cairo

Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Company has taken care to ensure that the services and recreational activities available in the Blue Tree complex in New Cairo are the best in the world. They have done this by using the latest technology and making sure that their customers’ needs are met in the easiest way possible. The most important things in the compound are the buildings and the things inside.

  • The Blue Tree Compound has very strict security measures. There are security cameras, so you can be sure that everything is being watched.
  • The compound is also equipped with all the necessary equipment for exercising, such as a gym and a spa.
  • in addition to. If you need to go to the hospital, we have medical centers ready to help you.
  • Finally, there are plenty of seating areas so you can relax or do some reading.
  • In addition, there are cycling and jogging trails if you feel like getting some exercise.

Payment systems in the Blue Tree Compound New Cairo

To buy an apartment, you should start by thinking about how much space you need and how much it will cost. Most apartments start from 115 square meters and cost around 32,400 per square meter. You will need to pay 10% down payment and make monthly payments over 8 years without any interest.

The real estate developer Blue Tree Compound New Cairo

Sky Abu Dhabi is the owner company of the Blue Tree Compound, New Cairo, and it is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt. They’ve been in business for 20 years and are dedicated to helping people buy or rent homes. They have 17 companies, all with a common goal – to provide quality services that exceed their customers’ needs. Sky Abu Dhabi aspires to be the best in its field, and they work hard to achieve this goal.

The company believes that everyone should be treated with respect, and they work hard to meet quality standards and are always helpful. They also believe that customers should always be treated fairly, and that the information they receive about their orders is always accurate.

Previous work of Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Company

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  • Capital Avenue new administrative capital
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