Apartment 235m for sale Calma Compound

3 Rooms 3 Baths 235m M²
Apartment 235m for sale Calma Compound
Unit details
floor 1
Number of rooms 3
Number of bathrooms 3
Payment systems 10 % down payment and installments up to 10 years without interest
Finishing type fully finished
Space 235m
Payment method Cash or Installments

Apartment 235m for sale Calma Compound

Apartment 235m for sale Calma Compound, Looking for a peaceful and comfortable setting to enjoy your daily life in? Well, look no further, with Calma we can assure you find all the peace and quiet atmosphere you need.

Details about  Calma Compound:

One of the top real estate developers, El Nasr Housing & Development, is responsible for this significant project. Located in the centre of October Gardens, it is a distinctive residential development that is distinguished by luxury, sophistication, and the accuracy of distinctive architectural designs.

By offering all the diverse and distinctive services within the complex that satisfy all the wants and wishes of clients, the real estate developer tried to make the compound distinctive.

Regarding the prices inside Calma Compound 6 October, they are the best and most appropriate because El Nasr Housing & Development has offered a distinguished package of rates that are affordable for everyone, with a focus on allocating a payment system based on a practical instalment plan for the shortest amount of time and without interest.

The space of Calma October Gardens:

The 24 acres on which the compound was built were divided among the numerous residential buildings and structures, which take up 40% of the project’s total area.

For greater comfort and enjoyment of comfort and tranquillity inside Calma Complex, green areas and large landscapes occupying around 60% of the compound were supplied. This allowed the executing firm to provide all services to consumers.

The property is so amazingly interwoven with services, necessities, and leisure amenities.

Location of Calma October Gardens:

The Calma Project was built by the real estate developer “El Nasr Housing & Development Company” in a prominent geographic setting since it is close to the most significant major thoroughfares and communities.

The Calma Compound’s Features Location:-

  • Calma Compound is located 10 minutes from the Mall of Egypt.
  • The project overlooks the middle ring road, which can be reached within 10 minutes.
  • It is only 7 minutes away from the Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • Media Production City, Zewail City, and Zamalek Club can be reached within a few minutes.
  • It is close to the new tourist capital “Sun Capital”.

Apartment 235m for sale Calma Compound

Property details:

  • Property type: Apartment
  • Property size: 235 m
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3

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The available Services inside Calma October Gardens:

  • A distinctive social club with all the various services available, as it is a source of meeting families and friends.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes and types, taking into account the depth of the water, to suit all ages, adults, and children.
  • Sports fields, “spacious Football Court” for the practice of sports, including football and tennis.
  • An excellent commercial area with a large number of shops and malls on a space of 5000 meters, which includes brands and international brands that are famous around the world, facilitating shopping operations for the residents.
  • A distinguished health club with large gymnasiums with the latest sports equipment and supervised by the most qualified trainers.
  • Entertainment places for children with all the different games and activities that suit them.
  • A large administrative building on a space of 400 square meters.
  • A large mosque with several worshipers.
  • Privacy was taken into account, with the spacing between each unit and the other.
  • A nursery for children with all the games available and supervised by the most qualified teachers and a high level of education.
  • Wide waterways inside the compound give it a civilized and attractive look.
  • Security services are distinguished, as several security personnel and guards have been appointed throughout the compound, in addition to the presence of major electronic gates.
  • A large number of modern surveillance cameras monitor events daily without interruption.

Unique Features of Calma October Gardens:

  • The 6th of October City, and it is one of the strategic locations that surround and connect to the most important roads and main neighborhoods.
  • The units within the project are diverse and different from each other, and the spacing between them has been provided for more privacy.
  • Companies and architects were hired with high efficiency in this field to produce an integrated residential compound with different and upscale designs characterized by luxury.
  • The interior and exterior design of the units is inspired by the unique world-class design, which creates a distinctive shape that differs from other projects.
  • It also features luxurious entrances designed from granite, Security glass, and vaulted ceilings.
  • Modern electric elevators on each building, facilitating transportation between floors.
  • Major restaurants and cafes within the compound offer the finest types of food and drinks.
  • A large percentage of green spaces, parks, and multiple facilities have been taken into consideration.
  • Each residential unit has spacious garages that are sufficient for a large number of cars for the residents of the compound.
  • Providing all types of entertainment in the presence of beauty centers, a spa house, massage rooms, and a distinctive jacuzzi.
  • The developer was keen, when establishing the compound, to take into account the distance between it and schools and universities, to facilitate the means of study for the children of unit owners.
  • Long and wide lanes amidst green spaces, for lovers of walking, running, and cycling.
  • Residential units types and spaces within Calma Compound:
  • The project’s residential units come in a variety of sizes and configurations, giving you the option and flexibility to select the one that is best for you and your family. Each of the units inside the project was intended to be (apartments, duplexes, or penthouses), and they are all distinctive from one another and the only ones of their kind in the world.
  • The project’s units range in size from (170 square metres to 400 square metres), and work has been done to provide the various spaces between them in a way that will best suit the customer’s needs and preferences.

Payment systems within Calma October Compound:

The price per square metre inside the project ranges from 9500 EGP to 11000 EGP, making it one of the finest prices declared in that region when compared to all services offered within the project. This makes the company’s prices adequate for the units and set them apart from others.

The project’s developer, El Nasr Housing & Development Company, also supplied all clients and those planning to live in the compound with sufficient and appropriate payment mechanisms, which include:

  • When signing the contract, you can pay a down payment of 10% of the total cost of the unit and the remaining balance over the course of ten years.
  • 15% off when paying with cash.
  • Units arrive partially finished.

Real Estate Developer of Calma October Compound:

El Nasr Housing & Development Company is the real estate developer of Calma Ocober Compound The project is owned by El Nasr Housing & Development, one of the top firms in the real estate development industry with a long history in Egypt. It has retained a consulting firm to create a plan and strategic vision for the real estate market for the next three years. This plan will guide real estate investment and development going forward.

The business wants to adopt sustainability and architectural standards, as well as gain Leed accreditation for its next projects. It aspires to be one of the biggest real estate developers in Egypt and throughout the entire Middle East.

The most important previous projects of El Nasr Housing & Development Company:-

  • Zohor Buildings
  • 2020 Compound
  • Future Project Mokattam
  • Miraj Towers
  • Residential buildings in Belbeis.
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