Apartment 220m for sale in Rivali Compound

Apartment 220m for sale in Rivali Compound
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Apartment 220m for sale in Rivali Compound, New Cairo

Apartment 220m for sale in Rivali Compound New Cairo, Rivali Compound New Cairo provides a variety of residential units, including apartments and villas, giving customers the freedom to choose from multiple designs and spaces to meet their needs and suit their diverse tastes.

Rivali Compound New Cairo represents an impressive investment opportunity, as it combines a prime location in the Fifth Settlement, elegant designs, and competitive prices. The project offers a comprehensive range of facilities and services, such as swimming pools, health clubs, green spaces, and entertainment areas, to provide a comfortable and distinctive lifestyle for residents.

The launch of Rivali Compound New Cairo is an important step in the journey of Samco Holding Real Estate Development Company, and reflects its firm commitment to providing high quality and innovative projects to its clients.

Rivali Compound Location:

The site of Rivali Compound was chosen with great care and care by Samco Holding Real Estate Development Company. The location is characterized by its proximity to the vital landmarks and the main road network in New Cairo. In addition, the company also owns a portfolio of lands in the Administrative Capital and 6th of October City.

Apartment 220m for sale in Rivali Compound, New Cairo

Details of an apartment for sale in Rivali Compound, New Cairo

Property type: apartment for sale

Apartment area for sale: 220 sqm

Number of rooms: 4

Number of bathrooms: 3

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Units space for sale inside Rivali Compound:

Samco Holding Real Estate Development Company is interested in meeting the needs of customers and investors, and seeks to provide freedom of choice for suitable units for them. In Rivali Compound, New Cairo, there is a wide range of units available with various sizes starting from 120 square meters. This allows clients the freedom to choose the unit that meets their housing needs and matches their requirements.

Rivali Compound Services:

Rivali Compound New Cairo provides a comprehensive set of services and facilities that aim to meet the needs and requirements of the residents, and provide a comfortable and enjoyable residential environment. The compound includes the following:

Green spaces and gardens: The compound is characterized by wide green spaces and beautiful gardens, providing calm and relaxation for the residents.
Round-the-clock security and surveillance cameras: There is a professional security team working around the clock to ensure the safety of the residents, and there are surveillance cameras throughout the project to enhance security.
Underground garages: An underground garage is provided for each building in the compound, which provides parking spaces and preserves the aesthetics of the project.
Walking, running, and cycling lanes: Walking, running, and cycling lanes are available in the compound, giving residents an opportunity to enjoy physical activity in a safe and beautiful environment.
In short, Rivali Compound New Cairo seeks to provide an integrated and comfortable residential experience for residents, by providing services and facilities that meet their needs and enhance their quality of life.

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The real estate developer of Rivali Compound New Cairo:

Samco Holding Real Estate Development Company and Samco Contracting Company have extensive experience in the construction field, and have an impressive business record in many countries.

In cooperation with the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and the implementation of more than 20 projects, the company’s ability to implement huge and vital projects in the field of infrastructure and public construction is evident.

Some of the real estate projects implemented by the company were mentioned, such as Saga Mall in New Cairo, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, and Yaro Compound in the Administrative Capital. It appears that the company strives to provide luxurious and high-quality projects in various fields.

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