Apartment for sale 218m Monte Napoleon

3 Rooms 2 Baths 218 M²
Apartment for sale 218m Monte Napoleon
Unit details
Number of rooms 3
Number of bathrooms 2
Space 218

Apartment for sale 218m Monte Napoleon

Units of Mostakbal city of Monte Napoleon:

The following are some of the basic specifications of the grounds and places in the compound in the city of Monte Napoleon, where the company tried to provide the best units with the greatest designs an example being Apartment 218m Monte Napoleon:

  •  The residential building consists of a basement, a ground floor, and an upper floor connected to six floors. The highest height is about 22.4 metres.
  • The space of the one-bedroom “junior” units ranges from 53 square meters to 58 square meters.
    One bedroom unit is 68 sqm.
  • Apartment apartment consisting of 75 square meters.
  • There are three-bedroom apartments with an area of 82 square meters.
  • One-bedroom duplexes are 107 square meters. The duplex unit ranges from 114 square meters to 168 square meters.
  • There are “lofts” from 132 square meters to 264 square meters, open square, square.
  • Attic space starts from 251 square meters, four rooms. The townhouse unit consists of one floor, two upper floors, and a ceiling with a height of 9.6 meters.
  • The townhouse consists of three rooms with an area of 218 square meters.
  • Townhouse for rent in four rooms with an area of 218 square meters.
  • Apartments: The project area: apartments start from 53 square meters. Interior finishing, ceramics, porcelain and HDF rooms. Roca bathrooms, paints, pizza doors and kitchen
  • Duplex: the duplex space starts from 107 square meters. Interior finishing, ceramics, porcelain and HDF rooms. Roca bathrooms, paints, pizza doors and kitchen
  • Townhouses: the townhouses space starts from 218 square meters. Interior finishing, ceramics, porcelain and HDF rooms. Roca bathrooms, paints, pizza doors and kitchen

Property type:


Property size:

218 m






  • Finished apartment for sale in Mostakbal City’s Monte Napoleone.
  • 218 square meters net,
  •  3 bedrooms (1 master), 2 bathrooms,
  • Views: clubhouse and Mazar and a fully equipped kitchen.
  • 10 percent down payment
  • Installment over 8 years.

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  • Monte Napoleone a way of life influenced by fashion.
  • A one-of-a-kind neighbourhood all the way from Italy was inspired by Milan’s Monte Napoleone Street, which was the country’s first centre for upmarket fashion.
  • You will discover a new concept of luxury at Monte Napoleone, one that will last a lifetime.

Reportage Egypt Real Estate Development

Reportage One of the biggest private developers in the United Arab Emirates, Reportage Properties has over 20 years of expertise and has projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and now Egypt in collaboration with AL Ahly Sabbour Development.

Our goal at Reportage is to deliver creative, contemporary, and budget-friendly housing solutions that not only offer our investors an exceptional value but also give the buyers of the homes a safe place to live in.

Monte Napoleon Mostakbal City location:

Apartment 218m Monte Napoleon property, which is in the Mostakbal neighbourhood, is defined by its location by its proximity to the New Capital and the high-speed train station, making it a special choice for Reportage Real Estate Company’s first project in Egypt.

  • It is around 20 minutes from the American University campus and close to the bustling 90th Street.
  • Al Rehab City, which can be reached in just 20 minutes, is relatively close by.
  • From this station, it takes roughly 25 minutes to go to El Shorouk City.
  • The compound is only ten minutes from Madinaty. You may travel 15 minutes to the Cairo International Airport from this station.
  • It takes no longer than 16 minutes to get there from the New Capital Airport. Only 10 minutes separate it from the Al-Massa Hotel, which is also how far it is from the New Capital’s centre.
  • The New Capital, where the Sixty Iconic Tower is situated, is only 7 minutes away from the project. Neighborhoods around the New Capital, particularly those near ministries and agencies, are only ten minutes away.

Monte Napoleon Mostakbal City services:

Services in Monte Napoleon Mostakbal City, where the business strived to offer consumers the greatest and most practical services. The flats offer a variety of services, however the following are the most crucial ones: –

  • Each apartment is equipped with kitchen cabinets and a dining table.
  • Modern design of balconies and balconies.
  • Each apartment building has allocated parking spaces and garages.
  • The bathrooms are equipped with a guest toilet. These buildings are equipped with fiber optics to provide fast internet service.
  • Provide independent air conditioning. Each bathroom has a bathtub with a shower. The cottage also has a luxurious design and appearance. Its specifications are as follows: The kitchen is equipped with a dining table and kitchen cabinets.
  • The balconies and terraces are luxuriously designed.
  • The bedroom has a built in wardrobe.
  • The bathroom is fully en-suite and has a guest shower.
  • These devices are equipped with optical fibers to ensure high speed internet access.
  • There is independent air conditioning. Each bathroom is fitted with a bathtub and a shower.
  • Each unit has a front and back balcony. Each unit has an allocated parking space. Offers a private balcony and terrace.
  • Wide green spaces, lush gardens and parks, providing all units with wonderful views, psychological comfort and fresh weather.
  • A huge shopping mall with stores and shops offering all international branded goods.
  • A large supermarket that provides all retail goods and supplies.
  • Entertainment area for adults and children. Medical services, pharmacies and clinics are open 24/7.
  • A large number of cafes and restaurants offer delicious food and upscale service.
  • Car parks and garages to avoid any congestion in the compound.
  • Deluxe Cigar Club.
  • Large clubs offer a wide variety of entertainment services.
  • The squash courts are equipped to the highest standards. Gym and health club at the highest level for men and women.
  • A large mosque with a unique design. Schools, nurseries and educational services are upscale.
  • There are swimming pools evenly distributed throughout the complex, including men’s and women’s, as well as swimming pools specially designed for children. The children’s playground and garden offer a variety of games.
  • football field.
  • The security and guard departments work around the clock to satisfy the residents, and modern surveillance cameras can be seen everywhere in the compound.

The area of ​​Monte Napoleone.

Apartment 218m Monte Napoleon, Mostakbal city. Reportage Company has built a sizable project on a larger plot of land, 74% of which has been set aside for parks, playgrounds, and entertainment venues, while the remaining little portion has been set aside for structures and infrastructure. The project consists of nine residential buildings with a total of 1,309 housing units, including duplexes, private apartments with one, two, or even four rooms, as well as a significant number of luxurious and magnificent villas. 9 residential structures, 391 townhouses, and 918 apartments make up the modern housing stock.


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