Apartment 175m for sale in Lulua 6th of October

Apartment 175m for sale in Lulua 6th of October
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Apartment 175m for sale in Lulua 6th of October

Lulua 6th of October Compound

Apartment 175m for sale in Lulua Compound,6th of October. Lulua Compound is one of the most remarkable projects in the 6th of October district. This project is characterized by its exquisite design and beautiful and practical interior spaces, providing a comfortable and convenient residential environment. The project is located in a privileged location near many important places, providing easy access to basic services and facilities. Lulua is considered one of the most beautiful projects in 6th of October and is characterized by its unique and elegant design.

Lulua Compound Location:

Lulua Compound is located in 6th of October. The compound enjoys a unique strategic location in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in October Gardens. The project is placed close to the main axis of 26th of July Street, allowing easy access and transportation to many other destinations with ease. This central location contributes to providing easy access to basic services and facilities and commercial and entertainment areas in the area. Thanks to this ideal location, the residents of the compound can enjoy a comfortable life and the facilities available near them.

Apartment 175m for sale in Lulua 6th of October

Apartment details for sale in Lulua 6th of October

  • Property type: apartment for sale
  • Apartment area for sale: 175 sqm
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • 2nd Floor

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Lulua 6 October Compound services:

The compound includes 4 various commercial complexes, which include a wide range of luxury stores and world-famous brands. In addition, there is an administrative mall that meets the needs of companies and institutions in the project.
Dedicated routes have been provided within the project for walking, running and cycling, which promotes physical activity and provides a healthy environment for residents. There are also recreational areas for children to enjoy and play safely.
The project includes a modern sports club that meets the needs of residents in exercising and sporting activities.
There is also a garage for each residential unit with an area of 22 square meters, to provide safe and comfortable parking for the residents of the compound.

Features of Lulua 6 October Compound:

The project has a set of distinctive features that made it one of the best residential communities in October Gardens and 6th of October City. Some of these features include:

  • Strategic location: The project occupies a prime and central location in October Gardens, allowing easy access to vital neighboring areas such as the 26th of July Corridor, Alexandria Desert Road, and the Ring Road.
  • Unique design: The project is characterized by a unique and modern design that combines aesthetics and practical functions, with a focus on making optimal use of the interior spaces to provide comfort to the residents.
  • Integrated facilities and services: The project provides a wide range of facilities and services that meet the needs of the residents, such as luxury shopping complexes, restaurants and cafes, recreational areas for children, a sports club, a school, green spaces and beautiful landscapes.
  • Safety and comfort: The project pays great attention to providing a safe and comfortable environment for the residents, through a camera surveillance system and the presence of a garage for each residential unit, in addition to providing a complete drainage system for air conditioning the buildings and providing elevators to facilitate movement.

In short, the project is a premium place to live that combines a central location, aesthetic design, and comprehensive facilities, with an emphasis on safety and comfort for the residents.

Lulua 6 October Compound Space:

The real estate developer, The Original for Real Estate Development, Urban and Tourism Development, established the project on an area of about 109 acres, and it is characterized by a high percentage of green spaces that reach about 70% of the total area of the project. A variety of spaces are designed to meet the needs of all clients, with a focus on optimizing interior spaces to provide a comfortable and inviting environment. Vast green spaces and beautiful landscaping are provided to give the project a calm and healthy atmosphere.


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