Apartment for sale Marasem Fifth Square

Apartment for sale Marasem Fifth Square
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Apartment 167m for sale Marasem Fifth Square New Cairo

Al Marasem Compound  Fifth Square:

Apartment 167m for sale Marasem Fifth Square New Cairo, You can find peace, comfort, and beautiful vistas at the Fifth Square New Cairo Compound in addition to special services that are not available anywhere else.

In actuality, one of the most prestigious modern communities is New Cairo City, particularly the Fifth Settlement. It stands out for being close to Nasr City and central Cairo while also being removed from congestion and pollution. It’s the best option for relocating and beginning a new life.

Details of the Fifth Square Compound New Cairo:

One of New Cairo’s finest and most opulent architectural endeavours is The Fifth Square Compound. Large expanses, numerous units, and amenities are all there. This massive structure was made available to consumers by Al Marasem International for Urban Development Company as a giant step forward for closed residential communities in Egypt.

The project Fifth Square New Cairo is distinguished by its enormous green areas and the range of apartments. On a sizable plot of land with gardens and parks, it actually has apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and villas with modern and opulent designs. Al Marasem Fifth Square additionally offers a variety of top services, including swimming pools, schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, and others.

Location of the Fifth Square Compound :

Al Marasem Company has chosen a distinct location for its project in New Cairo. The project is located on 90th Street, next to the best compounds in the Fifth Settlement, i.e. the Golden Square area, which is the best area of New Cairo as well.

The Golden Square area in the Fifth Settlement includes the best services, such as universities, hospitals, schools, malls, roads, squares and main hubs in New Cairo. It is located next to the Future University in Egypt (FUE) and the American University, only 10 minutes away from Cairo Airport, and close to Sodic, Mivida, Emaar, El-Sharbatly villas and Palm Hills

Al Marasem Fifth Square is actually one of the top options for discriminating buyers looking for flats for sale in the Fifth Settlement due to its location. They desire to relocate to a more comfortable and simple living close to the greatest services and major thoroughfares in Cairo, Nasr City, Maadi, and the New Capital. As a result, it occupies a unique and strategic spot among the best residential communities in Greater Cairo.

Apartment for sale Marasem Fifth Square New Cairo

  • Property type: Apartment
  • Area: 167m
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Finishing type: fully furnished
  • Payment system: 15% down payment over 8 years
  • Starting price:  5,150,000

Designs of Al Marasem Compound Fifth Square New Cairo:

The Compound is built in a distinctive architectural style that blends sophistication and simplicity. The project is spread across 158 acres and is broken up into 5 parts, one for villas and the other for structures. The latter consists of hotel flats and apartments, the most of which have stunning views of the surrounding greenery.

Area of Units in the Fifth Square New Cairo:

For those looking to purchase a unit in Fifth Square New Cairo, Al Marasem Company offers a selection of spaces in acceptable locations as follows:

  • Studio: an 85 square metre space is available.
  • Apartments with gardens: These range in size from 95 to 135 square metres.
  • Apartments: There are spaces ranging from 150 to 230 square metres.

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Features of Al Marasem Compound Fifth Square :

The Fifth Square Compound stands out for its fantastic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, the nicest part of New Cairo. It is close to a variety of great entertainment options as well as all essential amenities, including clubs, cafes, malls, and parks.

The protocol of partnership with Al Marasem, an investment method established by the project’s developer so that the buyer becomes a partner and not a customer, is another excellent aspect of Al Marasem Fifth Square. According to the protocol, the client forms a partnership with Al Marasem Company by contributing only 50% of the housing unit’s worth in exchange for Al Marasim Company acquiring the remaining 50% of the unit.

The standard must be followed for hotel accommodations that are housed in apartment buildings and offer complete resident services. This makes renting the apartment easier and ensures that you get the best profits.

Services of the Fifth Square New Cairo Compound:

  • Vast green spaces
  • Swimming pools with distinct designs
  • 24-hour security service
  • A private car park for the Compound’s residents
  • Lush gardens with rare flowers and trees
  • Artificial fountains and lakes
  • A Club House
  • Upscale cafes and restaurants
  • A global business district
  • A Social Club
  • Kids area
  • Gym that is equipped with the latest equipment
  • Dedicated areas for barbecues and parties
  • Distinct and quiet sitting areas amid green spaces for meditation

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The Developer of the Fifth Square Compound:

Lastly one of the well-known companies in the Bin Laden Group, Al Marasem International for Urban Development Company, is the organisation that owns and manages the 5th Square New Cairo project. Since its founding in 1997, the Company has grown to rank among Egypt’s top developers of residential and commercial property. It swiftly established itself in the Egyptian and Arab real estate markets as a result of its positive customer image and dedication to the delivery dates, which is one of its main objectives.

In addition to managing and operating numerous projects and airports, Al Marasem Company has completed a wide range of noteworthy projects for both the public and private sectors, including airports, residential settlements, hotels, and transportation infrastructure, including bridges, roads, and electromechanical projects. Al Marasem Company was consequently designated by the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors as a Class A contractor in these domains (EFCBC).

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