Apartment 118m for sale Kenz Compound

2 Rooms 1 Baths 118 M²
Apartment 118m for sale Kenz Compound
Unit details
floor 1
Number of rooms 2
Number of bathrooms 1
Payment systems 25% down payment and installments up to 6 years without interest
Finishing type fully finished
Space 118
Payment method Cash or Installments

Apartment 118m for sale Kenz Compound

Kenz Compound

Apartment 118m for sale Kenz Compound Kenz Compound is a new residential project located in Giza Governorate. It’s a really amazing place with lots of cool things to see and do. The treasure is located in a central part of the project near important areas such as the airport and the central area. It also has a well-designed urban area that caters to people who want to live in a quieter area.

People are interested in buying homes in Kenz Compound because of its many advantages over other projects in Egypt. This includes a good separation between residential areas from commercial and service areas, so that residents enjoy a degree of privacy and freedom. In addition, the complex has a lot of amenities, such as green spaces, artificial lakes, a walking path, and children’s areas. Kenz Compound is a new high quality residential compound in Egypt. It has a lot of green spaces, artificial lakes, walking paths, and children’s areas. It is designed to meet international engineering standards, and each unit is equipped with the best facilities and services to meet the needs of its individual residents. They all have a luxurious and comfortable feel.

Kenz Compound is located in the Giza Governorate in Egypt, and it is close to a lot of different things, including malls, bridges, roads, and important facilities. It’s also close to a lot of people, but not too close to noise, pollution or crowds. Some people who live here enjoy privacy and luxury, because their units have private gardens that separate them from others and provide a comfortable and psychologically safe way to live. The sizes and shapes of the units vary, and the customer can choose the finishing system he wants.

Location of Kenz Compound :

Kenz Compound is located in October Gardens, 6th of October City.

Apartment 118m for sale Kenz Compound

Details of an apartment for sale in Kenz Compound

  • Property type: apartment for sale
  • Apartment area for sale: 118 sqm
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • first floor
  • Finishing type: fully finished
  • Payment systems: 25% down payment and installments over 6 years
  • Floor: First

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Features of an apartment for sale in Kenz 6th of October:

  • Big reception
  • big kitchen
  • Open view terrace

Services of Kenz 6th of October Compound:

There are a lot of interesting things that you can do in Kenz Compound in October.

  • There are places where people can relax and have fun, as well as places where they can learn or do something new.
  • Kenz October compound contains a lot of wide green spaces where people can swim, play games and rest.
  • There are also plenty of swimming pools for adults and children, so everyone can have a great time.
  • The parks have 24 hour security and people are always kept safe.
  • There is a private car park for residents so there is no crowding. Kenz Compound features stunning gardens and landscapes.
  • There are also cafes and restaurants nearby, as well as a commercial area with some of the most famous international brands.
  • There is also a social club where you can meet friends and family and use the gym.
  • There is also a children’s play area. The most important thing about October Treasure Gardens is its proximity to other places, so you can easily reach anywhere you want to go.

Prices of Kenz 6th of October Compound :

The company that owns the project made sure that the prices in Kenz Compound are fair for all.

  • The meter’s price in October Gardens starts from 5,000 EGP.
  • The price of the buildings with the repeated floor system starts from 6,000 EGP up to 8,500 EGP.
  • This is done in order to provide convenient payment systems.

payment systems:

  • The customer pays 15% of the total cost of the unit in advance, and pays the remaining amount over 96 months.
  • The unit will be delivered within 2 years of the contract, and a maintenance fee of 5% will be paid in addition to the unit price.
  • The first phase of the units will be available for you to collect immediately and the second phase of the units can be delivered within one year of signing the contract.
  • The company offers apartments for sale in Kenz October. Various payment plans and payment methods are available, including immediate ownership with a down payment of 25% and payment periods of up to 6 years. Unit prices in the project vary a lot, but on average they are much cheaper than other types of housing. This is especially true of larger units.

The real estate developer of Kenz 6th of October:

First Group is the owner company of Kenz Compound, 6th of October.

Previous works of First Group:

  • Lazurd project in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Gardens project, 6th of October.
  • New Garden City in Sheikh Zayed City.
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