Apartment 100m sale Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement

2 Rooms 1 Baths 100 M²
Apartment 100m sale Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement
Unit details
floor 3
Number of rooms 2
Number of bathrooms 1
Payment systems 35% down payment and installments up to 5 years without interest
Finishing type Super Lux
Space 100
Payment method Cash or Installments

Apartment 100m sale Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement

Compound Ashrafieh Fifth Settlement

Apartment 100m sale Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement Compound Ashrafieh Fifth Settlement. The Compound in Ashrafieh , Fifth Settlement, contains a lot of green spaces and landscaping, which makes it a quiet and attractive place to live. It also includes a group of distinct public and recreational services that are of interest to people looking for modern and sophisticated places to live. These services include offices and shops for sale in the Fifth Settlement, which is one of the most important areas in New Cairo. Ashrafieh Compound is a modern residential project in Cairo that provides affordable housing for people of all categories. The buildings are designed with upscale features, so it is perfect for people of all incomes. In this way, everyone can live in a comfortable and convenient home.

Location of Ashrafieh Compound :

The Ashrafieh Compound is located in one of the most popular areas of New Cairo, close to some of the city’s most famous places. It is also located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, known for its luxury and sophistication. If you want to live in a sought after area with a lot of things to do, then  Ashrafieh Compound is the right place for you! It is located in Plot 20 within the Northern Investors Area, and is easily accessible by main roads and cross axes.

Apartment 100m sale Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement

Details of Apartment 100m sale Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement

  • Apartment area for sale: 100m
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  •  Floor: 3
  • Finishing type: super lux
  • Payment method: cash or installments

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Advantages of buying an apartment in Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement:

Ashrafieh Compound, Fifth Settlement, is a new and sophisticated complex that includes luxurious architecture and many residential units.

  • It is located near many important areas in the Fifth Settlement, including hospitals and other important services.
  • There are many spaces for apartments for sale, ranging from 90 square meters to 300 square meters.
  • The prices of the apartments in Al-Ashrafieh Compound vary according to their location and the type of unit. For example, an apartment in this area might cost more if it’s located in a nice
  • neighborhood, while another apartment might cost more if it’s located in a more traffic area.
  • The apartment price in Ashrafieh Compound starts from 10,700 EGP.
  • Duplex apartments start from 2,750,000 pounds.
  • Penthouse units are more than 2 million pounds.

Payment systems in the Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement:

The company that builds the Ashrafieh compound has put in place a payment system where you have to pay 35% of the total unit cost before moving in, and then pay the rest over the next five years.

Features of Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement:

  • Al Arabia Real Estate Development Company provides many important services in the Fifth Settlement
  • They also provide a lot of interesting things like entertainment and entertainment.
  • The security system in the mall is 24/7 and it is very advanced.
  • There is also an integrated and highly effective extinguishing system.
  • In addition, there is a large shopping complex with many different stores called a hypermarket.
  • There is also a commercial complex that includes offices and administrative units, and it will have garages for each building.
  • There will also be secure parking spaces available.
  • In addition, the compound will have open gardens that are perfect for people to relax and enjoy.
  • There are different places where you can play games.
  • There are bike paths where you can ride your bike.
  • There is also a social club where you can meet other kids and have fun.
  • There are courtyards in the garden specially designed for barbecues and family events.
  • These yards have extra tables and chairs, so everyone can have a great time.

The real estate developer of Ashrafieh Compound Fifth Settlement:

Arabia Real Estate Development Company is the developer of the Ashrafieh Compound in the Fifth Settlement. They have been working for more than 30 years and have a lot of experience in this field. I have been able to create a lot of successful projects during this time. Ashrafieh Compound is one of the most important projects of the company and it is very successful. The company is concerned with the quality of international designs, construction and the provision of distinguished services. They also carefully choose the locations of their real estate projects. For example, Ashrafieh is located near many important landmarks and vital centers, making it easier for residents to live and work at the same time.

Al Arabia Development & Housing Company is one of the largest and most successful companies when it comes to redeveloping urban neighborhoods. They use the best advisors and experts in the field to ensure that their projects are accurate and successful. This makes them different from other companies and helps their projects succeed.

Previous works of Al Arabia Real Estate Development Company:

  • Galleria Residence Compound
  • Taejon New Cairo project
  • Arabiano Compound, 6th of October
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