Features and places of entertainment North Coast

Features and places of entertainment North Coast

North Coast

Top 10 places to go in North coast:

Top 10 places to go in North coast, Due to its particular characteristics, including its exceptional strategic location on the North Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, temperate climate, vegetation, and the spectacular natural views, North Coast is a popular travel destination for both locals and foreigners.

This summer vacation spot is distinguished by its lovely white sand beaches and clear water. Additionally, it is regarded as one of the top vacation spots for people who want to unwind by the sea and find peace of mind outside of a busy city. The majority of foreigners and Arabs choose to stay at hotels in North Coast because they are luxurious, roomy, and have all the amenities one could need, whereas locals prefer to hunt for rental properties.

Numerous settlements on the North Coast, each with a unique setting, set of features, and set of amenities, allow residents to live their lives as they see fit. The facilities and amenities at this lovely summer vacation spot are second to none, and they include everything from private beaches, golf courses, and swimming pools to supermarkets, retail stores, cafes, and restaurants. Typically, rental units

due to their wide range of spaces and costs, are regarded as the top places in North coast.

It thereby meets the various demands and preferences of tenants. The top resorts on the North Coast in terms of location, cost, amenities, and facilities are highlighted in the paragraphs that follow.

For North Coast Units and Projects

Let’s get into this places :

  • Amwaj:

Location: Alex Matrouh Desert Road, Sidi Abdel Rahman, KM 136. Being situated between Marina and Hacienda, it is in a convenient location. Additionally, it is only a short distance from all the hotspots and fashionable locations along the North Coast, being just 135 kilometres from Alexandria and 155 miles from Marsa Matrouh airport.

Facilities include five-star hotels, a sports complex, a clubhouse for children, swimming pools, a splash activity pool, pharmacies, supermarkets, Breeze Beach House, a recreation area, a mosque, an interactive fountain, Aqua Kids, a ladies beach and pool, as well as retail and commercial establishments like coffee shops and restaurants.

  • Marassi:

Location: located in KM 125, North Coast, Sidi Abdel Rahman

Facilities and amenities: it is set to become the first upscale international destination in North Coast. It includes swimming pools, 5-star hotel, clubs, healthcare complex, retail shops, beauty salon, golf course, beach clubhouse, restaurants, and cafes.


  • Hacienda Bay


Located in KM 200, North Coast, Sidi Abdel Rahman.
Facilities: golf course, private swimming pools, roofed parking, parks, recreational facilities, clubhouses, top-class beauty salons, and commercial shops.


  • Vast green spaces for walking and relaxation.
  • Many covered and open swimming pools.
  • Equipped Gym, Jacuzzi, and Spa.
  • Billiards Tables Halls and many many other games.
  • A club with playgrounds including a Golf Court with 18 holes on 672 m², sports club, social club, and football and Tennis Court, and ping pong.
  • A commercial mall with all world brands with the best prices.
  • Many restaurants and cafes.
  • Mosque,
  • 24-hours medical services by an equipped and private hospital and a pharmacy.
  • 24/7 security and guarding.
  • Secured and covered garage.

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  • La Vista:

KM 170 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, and is easily accessible from the New Fouka Road.

Facilities: In addition to the entertainment and retail establishments on the beach, there are beach pools, a clubhouse, a women’s pool, cascading falls, open-air gyms by the sea, a grocery, sports facilities, restaurants, and cafes.

  • Telal:

location: KM 129 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

Facilities: swimming pools, equipped medical center, retail shops, restaurants, and cafes, medical clinics, beach activities.

Telal Sokhna is in close proximity to

  • Porto Sokhna and Porto El Sokhna Hotel
  • Galala Resort
  • Dome Marine Hotel
  • Galala University
  • Mövenpick Resort
  • Galala Teleferik
  • Luxurious 5 star hospitality facilities including a hotel and spa
  • Beach extended over 6 kilometers
  • Medical clinic offering 24/7 emergency services
  • Clubhouse, perfect for relaxing, working, reading, grabbing breakfast or socializing
  • Basketball and tennis courts
  • Football pitches and multi purpose courts
  • 24 leisure swimming pools engulfed by elements of nature e.g greenery and ponds
  • Sports facilities
  • Perfectly manicured gardens and lush greenery


  • Marina

facilities: private beaches, Aqua Park, entertainment city, swimming pools, hotel, yacht club, commercial center, gym, the billiard hall in addition to restaurants and cafes.

The summer apartments for sale and the rental of villas on a daily or weekly basis are two features that define Marina City Resort. One of the biggest tourist destinations in the globe, Marina City is notable for being frequented by people from all over the world and not just Egyptians.

The New Urban Communities Authority, which has already developed other opulent resorts, established this expensive and distinctive tourist destination.

Marina provides a wide variety of accommodation options, including chalets, summer apartments, and villas in various settings.The compound’s social housing needs, including those for residential properties in general and the chalets for sale in Marina City in particular, are rising.

  • porto marina :

it is one of the most important hotels in Marina.

Porto Marina Resort & Spa in North Coast your perfect destination for a the ultimate holiday on a mesmerizing sea view

  • Rooms overlooking the lake or the sea.
  • A hotel beach and beach towels, a swimming pool, chairs, and solar umbrellas.
  • A lake-shaped pool.
  • Free parking.
  • Aqua Park.
  • Internet service is available in public free of charge.
  • Cafe and bar for snacks.
  • 24-hour reception services.

The Porto Marina Hotel provides all the services that can be needed such as:

  • Health care services
  • Physical fitness center.
  • Massage and spa.
  • Jacuzzi and Sona.
  • Reception services
  • Currency transfer.
  • A 24-hour reception desk.
  • General services.
  • VIP room facilities.
  • A barbershop.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning.

Marassi, Sidi Abdel Rahman:

The unmatched beachside resort on Egypt’s north shore, Marassi is 6.5 million square metres of meticulously planned seaside enjoyment. The hub of the north coast, it has 5 beaches, 23 residential towns, 3300 hotel keys, an 18-hole golf course, and one of the biggest international marinas in the middle east.

This massive undertaking is distinguished by being a distinctive location that many visitors from all over the world visit because it offers all they desire in terms of pleasure and luxury, as well as an attractive environment that draws them in.

Marassi Resort offers both natural and built qualities, beginning with a blue beachfront with shiny sand and great weather that makes it an ideal location throughout the year. The temperature is mild in winter and pleasant in summer, both of which are accompanied by a cooling breeze that tickles the soul.

  • Tulip north coast:

In El Alamein, the Tolip North Coast Hotel has a bar, a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and a garden. The 5-star resort has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi and private bathrooms, as well as a private beach area. The hotel provides guests with a 24-hour front desk, room service, and currency exchange. Every room at the resort has a balcony with a garden view. The flat-screen TVs in the accommodations at the Tolip North Coast Hotel have satellite channels. A breakfast buffet is available to guests at the hotel. There is a patio at the Tolip North Coast Hotel. The resort is 2.3 kilometres from Zahran Mall and 19 km from Porto Marina. Borg el Arab International Airport is 62 kilometres from Tolip North Coast and is the closest airport.

  • Best Beaches In Sahel:

The Sahel’s Top Beaches

  • Do you prefer to party more? What could be better than dancing, music, and the beach? The North Coast is the ideal destination for partygoers. There are gatherings practically every day that take all aspects of safety into consideration.

Find out where to party the best:

  • Inn at Kiki’s Beach : This location, which has long been the greatest to visit, gives you a real Mediterranean experience.
  • Feels Beach
  • Whether you prefer beaches or swimming pools, this location has both, in addition to fantastic
  • Vibes Beach
  • Whether you are more into swimming pools or beaches, this place has got it all, in addition to great DJ’S and a great music taste at Vibes.
  • Café Tabla in Amwaj
  • What could be better than great beverages, a wonderful view, bean bags, and yoga? Experience a thrilling summer at Amwaj.
  • Porto Marina has everything, from fantastic activities to high-quality restaurants, so your summer will never be the same with them. Porto Marina Water activities are not the same as Porto Marine.

Among the most famous developers for the Top 10 places to go in North coast:


  • Arabella Group Real Estate
  • Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development
  • Inertia Egypt for real estate development
  • Jumeirah Egypt Real Estate Development
  • Ready Group for Real Estate Development
  • Mountain View Real Estate Development
  • Hyde Park Real Estate Development




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