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X Business Complex New Capital Mall
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X Business Complex New Capital Mall

X Business New Capital is your chance to invest in the most strategic location in the New Capital

The vicinity of the city, the main building and the station, the main building of the monorail. the new building and the government district, as well as the residential district and a few minutes from the palace. presidential; This huge commercial mall and project, with a distinct design, takes the shape of an X to emulate the most distinguished, elegant and innovative global designs and even surpass them; X Business Capital project, one of the largest and most important projects of Doja Real Estate Development.

Commercial interfaces and special prices. The building was designed in the shape of the letter X, making it all units with external facades.

X Business New Capital Project

You are not only surrounded by the landmarks of the New Capital, but you own a unit in  the prominent of these landmarks.

Among the Capital’s most attractive landmarks, including the tallest iconic tower in Africa and the Middle East, this luxury medical administrative commercial project stands tall with a remarkable distinctive design that puts beauty above the beauty of this strategic location. Thus, the X-Business New Capital Mall becomes an integrated investment project. It is one of the most attractive projects for investors looking for the best and most beautiful and elegant sites.

Precise and beautiful engineering designs with huge panoramic views overlooking the most prominent and famous landmarks of the New Capital. Indeed, businessmen and investors have flocked to him. Do not miss the opportunity to invest in the most medical administrative commercial projects, and own your unit at the best prices, especially that the X-Business New Capital project offers you administrative, medical and commercial units with varying areas starting from 13.5 meters and suitable prices with various payment and installment systems up to ten years and others without down payment and without interest.

features of the X Business New Capital and the Services it provides

  • This project is unique in a strategic location that distinguishes it from other projects;
  • It is in the most attractive. It also has wonderful panoramic views that you can enjoy while wandering around the project and while moving between floors.
  • The glass facades, which are characterized by beauty and sophistication mixed with contemporary, reflect these panoramic views.
  • These facades are sound and heat insulated. You can enjoy inside the mall a working environment.
  • The best use of space to achieve all customer needs
  • The space of the X Business New Capital, which is about 3000 square meters. has been best utilized thanks to its innovative and unconventional design. Inside the mall, there is a conference center and meeting rooms that have all the means and supplies required to meet the needs of businessmen and investors.
  • The Kids Area has been designated and all the games suitable for all ages are provided. A top level security team has also been provided to keep the area completely safe.
  • On sufficient spaces, the area of ​​restaurants and cafes has been allocated to include the best.
  • large areas for storage within the mall were allocated for each unit separately. The mall has spacious underground garages that can receive the largest number of cars. There is also a sauna and gyms equipped at the highest level with the latest sports equipment in the world.
  • and There are also green spaces and distinctive landscapes that surround the mall from every side.
  • There are also world-class unique water fountains that operate throughout the day with various dim lights and soft music.
  • The roof of the project was also exploited in an innovative and imaginative way. To become the Sky Lounge area, where you enjoy sitting and relaxing, seeing impressive views of the New Capital and the landscape. There are also artificial lakes inside the mall that give customers picturesque forms.

Multiple services provided by the X Business Mall project

  • The mall is equipped with central air conditioning.
  • he mall is equipped with efficient systems for using solar energy.
  • High-quality surveillance cameras and a well-equipped security team with sufficient training to ensure complete security. The project also contains automatic high-sensing fire alarm systems.
  • Each floor is equipped with 2 electronic elevators with wonderful panoramic facades, in addition to high-quality and safe escalators.
  • Division of the XBusiness project and the space of the various units
  • The project was built on a large area of ​​3000 square meters. The mall rises to 9 consecutive floors in addition to the ground floor, as well as 3 underground floors. This space was allocated to the garage to accommodate the largest possible number of cars; In search of customer comfort and satisfaction in the smallest details.
  • The ground floor and even the second floor are allocated to commercial units. From the third to the ninth floor, administrative offices and medical units have been allocated.
  • In the X Business New Capital project ,There are also commercial units for sale and rent with spaces starting from 13.5 meters. As for the medical units available for sale and rent, their spaces start from 34 square meters. You can receive those administrative offices, medical clinics and commercial units with full or semi-finishing at special prices.

Installment systems for the X Business project in the New capital

Own the best commercial, administrative and medical units with spaces that suit you in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the New Capital with the longest payment systems and without interest. Choose the installment system that best suits you:

  • No down payment with a payment system of up to five years in equal installments.
  • Pay only 10% down payment with an installment system of up to 6 years in equal installments and without interest.
  • You can pay a 15% down payment with an installment system of up to 7 years in equal installments.
  • It is also possible to pay 30% of the unit price in advance and the rest of the price in equal annual payments for 3 years and at 0% interest.
  • You can also pay in installments over two years without interest, with a down payment of up to 30%.
  • Pay 20% down payment, to be the first installment after a year, and a 10% receipt payment with an installment system of up to 6 years without interest.
  • Pay 25% down payment and 15% receiving payment; To be the first installment payment date after two years with an installment system of up to 6 years at 0% interest.
  • 30% down payment and the first installment payment after two and a half years; The receiving payment should be 20% with an installment system of up to 6 years without interest.
  • Pay 40% as the first installment upon receipt and down payment of 20% with a payment system of up to 6 years without interest.

About the company that developed the X Business Mall project

The X Business Administrative Capital project is one of the largest projects of the leading real estate developer Doja 

Which was established in 2011. Since that date, this giant company has started to establish unique and distinctive residential and commercial architectural projects to establish a golden name in the real estate development world.

The fact of the matter is that when designing an investment project. Therefore, Doja collaborated when designing this huge investment project with four large companies. She also struggled with the great consulting engineer Wiam Hadi. Among his most important works are the European University in the New Capital.

One of Doja’s most important projects

  • Aurora Mall, the new capital.
  • Onyx Mall, the new capital.
  • In addition to several projects in the Delta, Mansoura and Cairo in the Narges district, Al-Yasmeen, and Beit Al-Watan.
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