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Taj City New Cairo
Own Apartments and Villas Fully Finished With Kitchens And Dressing In Taj City In The Best Location In The Heart Of New Cairo From Madinet Nasr For Housing & Development
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Own Apartments and Villas Fully Finished With Kitchens And Dressing In Taj City In The Best Location In The Heart Of New Cairo From Madinet Nasr For Housing & Development

Taj City Compound New Cairo

Taj City New Cairo, In front of the JW Marriott Hotel, notably on the ring road, is an integrated residential project by Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development.

Taj City’s location:

is in New Cairo’s Fifth Settlement.

  • Taj City’s Space:

  • 3.4 million m2 (900 acres) at Taj City Compound in New Cairo.
  • Apartments, duplexes, villas, studios, and commercial units make up Taj City’s inventory of units.
  • Apartments start at 86 square meters and go up to 200 square meters, while commercial units start at 58 square meters and go up to 485 square meters.
  • This project, a luxury residential one in the 5th Settlement in the center of Nasr City that is built to the most recent international models, is the ideal choice for everything you’d want to achieve if you’re seeking for a high-end spot to enjoy a new life with unmatched modern concepts.
  • Taj City is home to beautiful landscapes, multi-space apartments, and a central location with access to all facilities, services, and recreational attractions.
  • With its strategic location, close access to Cairo, unique designs, and integrated luxury services, Taj City is situated on a sizable area on Suez Road.
  • The largest residential compounds in the Middle East and one of Madinat Nasr for Housing & Development’s projects, it offers its customers solitude and contemporary architecture. The company specializes in the implementation of huge real estate projects.
  • Taj City New Cairo integrates all amenities and services, fusing innovation and craftsmanship with development and all the comforts of modern living.
  • Regarding the compound’s location, it is next to the JW Marriott Hotel and is on the ring road that connects New Cairo and other new cities to the center of the Greater Cairo province. It is also only 5 minutes from Cairo International Airport, 10 minutes from Nasr City and Heliopolis, and 20 minutes from downtown areas.

Taj City New Cairo:

One of the most opulent residential developments in New Cairo, it is situated on the ring road in front of the JW Marriott Hotel, 5 minutes from the Cairo International Airport, the same distance from Teseen Street, 20 minutes from the central business district, and adjacent to Nasr City.

The enclosure was planned to cover 3.4 million square metres, or over 900 acres, with the majority of the project area dedicated to green spaces, amenities, and services that allow visitors to take in the beauty of nature and engage in recreational activities.

Where is The location of Taj City?

The project has a fantastic strategic position that puts it adjacent to a lot of major roads and hubs, making it easy to get to the site and travel swiftly from there to many well-known places of Cairo. The most significant aspects of this fantastic compound site include:

  • Taj City Madinet Nasr is located directly on the Suez Road.
  • The most famous areas of the Capital ” Cairo” can be reached in just a few minutes, as it is just about 10 minutes from Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • It is very close to the ring road, making it easy to reach many areas.
  • A few minutes separate the compound from the city center and the famous Maadi area.
  • Taj Misr Development is located in the opposite of many famous hotels; JW Marriott Hotel and Kempinseki Hotel.
  • It is also located at the intersection of Al Thawra Street and Cairo Suez Road.
  • Just five minutes away from 90th Street, the most important and lively streets of New Cairo.
  • You can arrive at Cairo Airport in just five minutes.
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What are the features and services of Compound Taj City New Cairo?

It has many features, including:

  • Alongside it are commercial centers close to Cairo Airport.
  • many residential buildings in various locations.
  • The compound offers a variety of amenities so that the occupants can enjoy their time there.
  • The compound has more space and seclusion.

The most important services in Taj City Egypt:

As a project with integrated services, facilities, and infrastructure, the Complex is home to a wide variety of services that are enjoyed by its residents. The most significant services that the project offers to clients include:

  • The most renowned and delectable foods and cuisines in the world are served at a lot of restaurants and cafés.
  • There is a sizable gym with a variety of sporting activities.
  • There are elite sports facilities for both adults and kids.
  • A gym and a top-notch spa are available at City Taj for the most exquisite moments of comfort and relaxation.
  • There is a fitness club with the most modern sporting goods.
  • The facility is filled with green spaces because a big portion of it is covered by vegetation that creates a soothing visual environment and psychological comfort.
  • Throughout the compound, there are numerous artificial lakes, swimming pools, and other water features of various sizes.
  • International shopping complexes are available for shoppers.
  • Medical facilities and services are accessible.
  • There are five-star hotels that adhere to the highest possible international standards of quality.
  • For residents only, the project provides a huge number of parking spaces and garages with the greatest level of protection for all vehicles.
  • A sizable cultural club is connected to a green area specifically created for book lovers.
  • There are schools for all stages of education.
  • There are medical centers equipped with the latest medical equipment and devices.
  • There are places for walking, running, and cycling, safe and away from the car roads.
  • Amusement parks and gardens are scattered throughout the Compound.
  • Kids have a large share of the project services, with a large kids entertainment area characterized by safety and variety of entertainment.
  • Areas are designated for barbecues and private parties.

The Developer of  Taj City

The project’s owner firm, Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development, is one of the oldest in the Egyptian real estate industry and began operating in the field of architecture in 1959. The company’s most significant residential projects include:

  • New Cairo Strip Mall
  • New Cairo’s Tag Sultan Compound is where it is.
  • On Cairo’s Suez Road is the Sarai Compound.
  • The business’ most recent project is Taj City Cairo.
  • Cairo’s Shalya Taj City


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