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Rivers Compound New Zayed
In the New Zayed "Rivers Compound," a new milestone is going to debut. By creating "Rivers" with an emphasis on elegance and integration, Tatweer Misr signifies a change in Egypt's housing market.
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In the New Zayed "Rivers Compound," a new milestone is going to debut. By creating "Rivers" with an emphasis on elegance and integration, Tatweer Misr signifies a change in Egypt's housing market.

Rivers Compound New Zayed

The Rivers New Zayed architectural concept, which has been the focus of recent social media attention, would demonstrate a particular degree of dazzling authentic print where the luxurious symmetrical architecture is well-blended with the allure of the landscapes and water-based components.

Tatweer Misr announced that Rivers New Zayed Compound would encompass a group of well-chosen services, that include (a medical clinic, clubhouse, maintenance hub, kids areas, and retail stores).

According to the pricing strategy, Rivers New Zayed features an easy-to-handle instalment plan that lasts up to 8 years

The location of Rivers Compound:

Tatweer Misr’s Rivers Compound is three minutes away from Sphinx International Airport, in New Zayed City, in the west of Cairo, Rivers New Zayed Location is a wise choice because it is close to some of the West’s most pleasant neighbourhoods

  • the compound is only 12 minutes from Sheikh Zayed City’s downtown.
  • Rivers New Zayed Neighborhoods
  • Sphinx International Airport is 3 minutes distant from Rivers Tatweer Misr.
  • Sheikh Zayed is 12 minutes away from Rivers Compound.
  • Only 20 minutes separate Lebanon Square from the compound.
  • From Rivers New Zayed Compound, travellers must drive the typical 45-minute route to Heliopolis and Masr Gedida.

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The Land Space of Rivers New Zayed:

The overall land area of Rivers New Zayed is 100 Feddan, according to the most recent announcements of Tatweer Misr Company. The project’s eligibility for integration is anticipated to be greatly influenced by such gigantic space; the larger the complex, the more services are offered.

The utilization of the space is seen to be the determining factor in how the project will be and how people will perceive the offered services, therefore the space itself isn’t the sole factor in how any project develops.

The distinction between the allocation of services, landscapes, and residential units is exceptional in Rivers New Zayed Compound’s use of space.

Types of Residential units in Rivers Compound by Tatweer Misr:

Tatweer Misr’s Rivers Compound provides a range of residential apartments to meet the requirements of its clients. In addition to several unit kinds, the company opted to provide each unit in a variety of places.

In Rivers Compound, townhouses, and stand-alone Villas are all available as housing options.

Tatweer Misr revealed the concept behind the construction of Rivers New Zayed through its slogan “Experience the Joy of Riverside living”.

This discloses how the architectural design of Rivers in Sheikh Zayed would be; a unique design that blends the artistic features of the aqua-based elements of lagoons and fountains with the solution-based residential blocks in a streamlined view.

Similar to Tatweer Misr Projects, the design of the residential villas in Rivers New Zayed encompasses smart geometrical shapes that allow for the natural sunlight to touch the corners, in addition to giving space for fresh air to pass.

Top services & Features in Rivers New Zayed:

Tatweer Misr Company aims to classify its flagship project “Rivers New Zayed” with integrated facilities; thus; the company is getting ready to build a boutique of facilities and amenities inside the compound that would be easy to access from all the residential areas.

  • In addition to office space, Rivers New Zayed will have a social club with a variety of cafes and eateries.
  • Health complex with medical clinics, physical therapy clinics, and other services for relaxation.
  • Residents of Rivers New Zayed have access to a sports field where they can play tennis, football, and paddle.
  • There are swimming pools of various sizes in Rivers in Sheikh Zayed for sports enthusiasts.
  • To safeguard the safety of the residents, the jogging paths in Rivers Compound will be built apart from the transit system.
  • All across the site, fascinating turquoise-based features would be installed.
  • Reputable eateries and cafes that cater to both western and eastern tastes can be found in Rivers New Zayed.
  • Tatweer Misr puts a lot of work into securing its projects; as a result, Rivers New Zayed will receive a substantial supply of highly qualified security personnel.
  • The complex would receive a sophisticated air conditioning system.
  • Rivers Zayed’s playgrounds for children offer the utmost in security and fun.
  • Events and celebrations would be appropriate on a public park-based avenue.

The Installment Plans of Rivers Compound in New Zayed:

For all clients, making the payment procedure easier for a residential project is a crucial purchase choice. TatweerMisr Development thereupon introduced a straightforward payment structure with a 5% down payment:

  • A 5% down payment must be made at the time of contract signing for the purchase of a unit at Rivers Compound, and another 5% must be paid after three months.
  • The remaining expense must be spread out over eight years in instalments.

The Developer of Rivers New Zayed Compound:

Tatweer Misr unveiled “Rivers Compound,” a first-rate residential development in New Zayed, to seize one of its burgeoning projects.

Tatweer Misr is well known for its extensive and reliable history of mixed-use residential developments that were later recognised for their development by national and international organisations. Fouka Bay & Il Monte Galala on North Coast is one of Tatweer Misr’s most highly praised projects.

Since the company’s founding in 2014, it has worked to dominate the Egyptian real estate market with opulent residential projects. It’s important to note that each of Tatweer Misr’s projects is characterised by its distinct philosophy, which is based on a solution-oriented approach to improve lifestyle and elevate luxury.

The most important projects of Tatweer Misr Company:

The Tatweer Misr Company has a wide range of real estate development and investment projects that it has successfully completed within the Egyptian real estate market. These projects, many of which were in Greater Cairo, were distinguished by the accuracy and clarity of the architecture, despite the fact that the company is a modern one within the Egyptian real estate market.

And this company has a wonderful artistic touch and vision, and it is known for accuracy and extreme clarity in its designs, ensuring that all residential projects are produced in a wonderful way to suit its customers. It has also carried out a number of well-known and successful projects in various areas, including (North Coast Ain Sokhna Future City). It also offers great value at costs that are competitive, luring the broadest audience of sophisticated and distinguished consumers.

Previous projects for Tatweer Misr:

  • Fouka Bay Ras El Hekma
  • Bloomfields Mostakbal City
  • D Bay North Coast
  • Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna
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