Noor City Compound Talaat Mostafa the administrative capital

New Capital
Noor City Compound Talaat Mostafa the administrative capital
Noor City Talaat Moustafa Group is the best and perfect choice for those looking for high-end housing because it provides the best quality and creative designs to create this masterpiece, starting with the luxury design of the facades of the residential units. A modern style with calm and comfortable colors that make you feel luxurious next to the most beautiful and finest finishes and interior decorations that came to satisfy everyone.
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Noor City Talaat Moustafa Group is the best and perfect choice for those looking for high-end housing because it provides the best quality and creative designs to create this masterpiece, starting with the luxury design of the facades of the residential units. A modern style with calm and comfortable colors that make you feel luxurious next to the most beautiful and finest finishes and interior decorations that came to satisfy everyone.

Noor City Compound Talaat Mostafa the administrative capital

Noor City Compound Talaat Mostafa the administrative capital By launching the first residential building developed using the latest construction technologies, Talaat Moustafa Company was able to crown one of the most important global areas today, the New Administrative Capital. In order to develop Nour Talaat Mostafa Compound, the administrative capital, to a location worthy of this global status, the company responsible for its development made a huge investment of 500 billion Egyptian pounds. This investment covered all economic, social and other aspects until it reached the attention of all people of good taste from investors and customers at home and abroad.

Since the real estate developer has invested a lot of experience to create a global smart city in the richest areas of the new capital, fully equipped with fourth generation technology, Nour Hisham Talaat Mostafa City lives up to the highest levels of luxury and sophistication for everyone who was fortunate enough to transfer his life to it to live a unique experience of All sides. which was developed for the first time in Egypt and focuses on the comfort of the residents; We are accustomed to this distinction in a project in the name of Talaat Moustafa Group.

The volume of investment made by the real estate developer in the city of Nour Hisham Talaat Mostafa demonstrates the great effort exerted in envisioning and implementing the establishment of a city with all basic and recreational services such as schools, universities, parks, clubs, and others, in addition to government agencies and banks, with the aim of meeting the needs of the city’s residents and investors. In addition to the carefully selected location of Nour Hisham Talaatah City, it is of great importance that water bodies and green spots of different shapes and sizes are spread throughout the Noor City project so that all residents can enjoy fresh, clean air and more entertainment.

Noor City is a residential area. The real estate developer has been interested in providing a large number of residential units with various sizes and beautiful designs created by an impressive selection of the best international companies. Prices in Noor City are very competitive, and Talaat Moustafa Group was able to complete the project with a one-of-a-kind commercial experience at affordable prices. Which also turned it into a national project that provides many regular and sporadic job opportunities.

Nour Talaat Mostafa city location

It is located in the hands of Talaat Moustafa Group, which has a special taste, and to ensure that it attracts many customers and investors, its choice must be a place where Noor City receives special attention. However, Talaat Mustafa’s vision of establishing the new city of Noor with this description, which is not enough for a sea of lines, was appropriate because it would really change the concept of building for modern residential communities. Yes, Nour Hisham, Talaat Mostafa City was established in the most important and vital areas in the Gardens of the Administrative Capital, near the New Capital. You only need to go abroad to work because it is difficult to go to Noor and not find what you are looking for.

The most important areas as well as many service and entertainment sites are nearby, making it easy for you to get everything you need from Nour Hisham Talaat City. To maintain the high social level of the project, it is also located near the largest, most prestigious and most prestigious residential projects.

The location of Nour Hisham Talaat City is distinguished by its beautiful geography and climate throughout the year, far from pollution and crowds, where a calm, healthy life and self-assurance lie, and among the most important features of the site:

  • Nour City is located near the New Administrative Capital.
  • The Cairo-Suez Desert Road passes through Nour, the new capital.
  • 3 km separates the project from the local loop.
  • Ain Sokhna is only 20 minutes away from the new city of Nour.
  • The New Administrative Capital Airport is located 15 minutes away from Nour, the nation’s capital.
  • New Heliopolis, Madinaty, and El Shorouk are among the most important residential communities close to the project.
  • Green River Park, the largest park in the Middle East along the New Administrative Capital, is about 15 minutes away from Nour Talaat Mostafa City.
  • The distance between it and the government and financial areas is about 20 minutes.
  • The new monorail station is not far from the Noor City project.
  • The new cultural city is only a short distance away.
  • New Administrative Capital apartments are currently available for viewing.
  • The Gardens of the New Administrative Capital are located in the Noor City area.
  • Keen to ensure a luxurious and clean life for all residents, the real estate developer has taken care to provide vast areas of green spots throughout the city of Noor in various shapes, exquisite designs, and delightful colors of flowers. In addition, the real estate developer provided many water bodies, which came in various forms, including artificial lakes, swimming pools, and dancing fountains.
  • The real estate developer was also interested in building a state-of-the-art infrastructure that adheres to the most stringent international quality standards in order to ensure that every resident can live in peace and security. All the facades of the residential units shall be free of any elements such as cables, air conditioners, and other elements to preserve the aesthetic appearance of Noor City. Smart lighting and other contemporary systems have been implemented throughout the Noor City project.
  • Excellent separations have been created between the buildings, some of which are surrounded by stunning landscapes and artificial lakes to protect the comfort and privacy of the residents.

Design of  Nour Talaat Mostafa City, the Administrative Capital

The magnificent architectural design of the Nour Talaat Mostafa project is very special because it was created by a team of the largest and most talented creative engineers and consultants. They helped produce the project with this image that easily attracted attention, and the presence of international modern touches in the interior designs added more beauty and charm.

  • The Nour Talaat Mostafa project, New Capital Gardens, used the latest available methods to design integrated residential cities. As a result, major international US offices and firms were used in Noor’s planning and design to the greatest extent possible, and still are.
  • Perkins Eastman Company
    BCG Corporation.
    Sasaki Corporation.
  • Nour Talaat Mostafa was horrified to be the first smart city to be imitated worldwide because of the endless luxury and glamor it produces. This has already been implemented in the administrative center of Noor where you can use your phone to order and fulfill your needs quickly and easily. Being the result of international collaboration, there is nothing like it anywhere else.

Services and features of Noor Compound, the administrative capital

  • One of the most important aspects that the real estate developer sought to provide and implement in the Nour Talaat Mostafa project is the variety of services in order to provide a unique set of options for all residents. The Noor project includes many basic services and government facilities that meet all needs, not to mention the entertainment options that have no restrictions so that the residents can enjoy an environment of unparalleled happiness and enjoyment, and one of the most important features that the real estate developer sought to provide is the diversity of services.
  • The security system that came with the latest technology and CCTV surveillance cameras to cover every area in Nour Talaat Moustafa Compound, along with
  • carefully selected security personnel who work around the clock today for your safety, is one of the most important aspects of the Nour project. Talat Mostafa and makes you live in complete safety for you and your family.
  • The entrances and exits of the project, as well as all movements within Nour Talaat Mostafa Compound, are monitored through a building equipped with the
  • latest technological systems and screens.
  • Through the mobile application, you can order some means of transportation within the project and see their schedules and station locations.
  • In the Administrative Capital, Nour has many large markets with all your home necessities and provides immediate delivery service.
  • The best chefs will prepare the foods you love for you, and you can enjoy a high level of sophistication while sitting in the finest collection of eastern and
  • western restaurants and cafes.
  • The real estate developer has been interested in developing more than one integrated medical center that contains clinics for all specialties that are managed
  • under the supervision of a large number of doctors, and there is also a department dedicated to emergency cases.
  • There is a large commercial area in the city of Nour Hisham, with a large variety of local and international stores that provide a unique shopping experience.
  • All your medical needs and supplies are available in a large pharmacy that is open 24 hours a day.
  • The establishment of the Nour Talaat Mostafa complex included nurseries for children in addition to a range of recreational activities for them, with a focus on
  • education as one of the real estate developer’s priorities.
  • All educational levels can now attend schools that provide the best services.
  • Party planning areas in Noor City are furnished with the latest tools and equipment. In addition, there are sites that are equipped with all the necessary
  • equipment for hosting barbecues.
  • There are rooms dedicated to meetings and conferences equipped with the latest audio and video equipment.
  • The Noor project contains many gyms with the latest tools and equipment, where you can maintain your physical fitness while being supervised by qualified
  • trainers. In Noor City, there is a large laundry facility that provides its services from your residential unit and is equipped with the latest tools and appliances.
  • Indulge in more luxury and tranquility in the health club, which provides the best spa services, jacuzzi and sauna, in addition to the body and skin care
  • department.
  • To ensure that you enjoy every moment of your new life, there is a large clubhouse providing more varied and upscale entertainment.
  • Noor City has many sports fields where you can play your favorite sports such as football, tennis and squash, and it has a great system for organizing matches.
  • There are several large social clubs with a wide range of entertainment options, places to relax in the beautiful outdoors, and cafes.
  • There are specialized trainers and pools of various sizes and locations, some shared and others only for women. Some of the pools are also suitable for
  • children.
  • For the convenience of customers and locals, there are several ATMs spread all over Noor City which belong to several banks.
  • The project includes a large shopping center with a variety of shops and entertainment options, in addition to a section dedicated to famous restaurants and
  • cafes.
  • In order to help the residents, the project shall have car charging stations installed at multiple locations.
  • Nour Talat Mostafa’s home systems, including the lighting system among others, are managed via laptops and mobile devices.
  • A large theater with many screens for fans of Arabic and Western films.

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The real estate developer of the Noor City project and its most important previous projects.

Noor City, the Capital Gardens, a new success story that Talaat Moustafa Group started in cooperation with the Urban Communities Authority. Owned and operated by this company. The famous Egyptian businessman, Eng., owns the Talaat Moustafa Group. Hisham Talaat Mostafa, and as a result of what it offered, it is considered one of the oldest and most successful real estate development and investment companies in Egypt. One of the most impressive projects, continuing his streak of successful endeavors for over 50 years and still making an effort to hold his ground.

Talaat Moustafa Group projects are characterized by their diversity in an attractive and luxurious urban form in addition to their sophisticated, luxurious and ever-evolving interior designs. A global project called Noor City, the first and largest residential project that keeps pace with technological developments around the world, implemented on an area of more than 5,000 acres and more than $50 billion in total investments.

The most important previous projects of Talaat Mostafa

  • East Cairo Madinaty project.
  • Al Rehab City is located in New Cairo.
  • Al-Rabwa Residential Compound in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • In El Shorouk City, there is a residential complex called Mayfair.
  • North coast of Virginia Beach.
  • Alexandria, Agami, is the home of Green Al Rawda Village.
  • Nile Plaza Garden City Hotel.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria San Stefano.
  • The new administrative center: Celia Compound.
  • Brave Compound
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