Lulua Compound 6 october

6th of October
Lulua Compound 6 october
Lulua Compound is one of the most beautiful projects in 6th of October. It is characterized by exquisite, well-used and unified interior spaces, and it is located near many places and is one of the most beautiful and well-designed projects in 6th of October.
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Lulua Compound is one of the most beautiful projects in 6th of October. It is characterized by exquisite, well-used and unified interior spaces, and it is located near many places and is one of the most beautiful and well-designed projects in 6th of October.

Lulua Compound 6 october

The Lulua 6th of October Compound is considered one of the best residential projects located in the October Gardens area, as it is characterized by sophistication and luxury. The compound has a wonderful and unified design for the residential units, with optimal use of the interior spaces. It also enjoys a privileged location near Zewail City and the Alexandria Desert Road.

Lulua Compound Location:

The compound is located in 6th of October, enjoying a strategic location in the most prestigious neighborhoods of October Gardens. The compound is located close to the main 26th of July axis, which provides easy access and transportation to other destinations in Cairo and Giza Governorate. It is close to the Ring Road, which is the main artery for transportation in Cairo and its suburbs. This strategic location provides easy access to the surrounding services and facilities and contributes to providing comfort and convenience to the residents.

Compound Space and Design:

The project was built on an area of about 109 acres, where the percentage of green spaces is about 70% of the total area of the project. A variety of spaces are provided to meet the needs of all clients, with an emphasis on maximizing the use of interior spaces to provide a comfortable and inviting environment.

The real estate developer made sure to design the project with the finest architectural designs and provide all the required specifications. The facade of the units is characterized by an ultra-modern character, and the finest types of marble were chosen to decorate the entrances.

Each floor contains 4 apartments, and each apartment is divided into 3 bedrooms, a reception consisting of 3 pieces, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and 2 terraces. The units are designed in a way that meets the requirements of the customers and provides an optimal use of the internal spaces.

Details of the apartments for sale in Lulua 6 October Compound:

The apartments space starts from 152 square meters.

Lulua 6 October Compound Prices:

Prices are variable in the Lulua 6th of October compound, but it is suitable for all categories

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Lulua 6 October Compound services:

The project includes 4 commercial complexes that contain a variety of luxury shops, which include the most famous international brands. In addition, there is an administrative mall that meets the needs of companies and institutions.
Paved roads are provided within the project for walking, running and cycling, providing a healthy and active environment for residents. Recreational areas are provided for children to enjoy and play safely.
The project includes a modern sports club to meet the residents’ needs for exercise and sports activities.
There is also a garage in each unit of 22 sqm for safe and convenient parking.
There is a school that caters to the needs of residents of all ages, providing comfort and ease in children’s education.
The project has green spaces and beautiful landscapes, in addition to a service area that meets the needs of residents in various facilities and services.

Features of Lulua 6 October Compound:

The project is characterized by a set of features that made it one of the best residential areas in October Gardens and 6th of October City.

Among these features:

  • Privileged location: The project enjoys a strategic and central location in October Gardens, which facilitates access to the vital areas surrounding it, such as the 26th of July Corridor, Alexandria Desert Road, and the Ring Road.
  • Distinctive design: The project is characterized by a unique and modern design that combines beauty and practicality, with a focus on optimizing the internal spaces to ensure the comfort of the residents.
  • Comprehensive facilities and services: The project provides many facilities and services that meet the needs of the residents, such as luxury shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, recreational areas for children, a sports club, a school, green spaces and beautiful landscapes.
  • Safety and comfort: The project is keen to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the residents, as it includes a camera surveillance system and a garage for each unit, in addition to providing a complete sewage network for air conditioning the buildings and the presence of elevators to facilitate movement.

In short, the project offers a comprehensive set of advantages that make it an ideal choice for housing, with its privileged location, unique design, and the provision of integrated facilities and services.

The disadvantages of Lulua 6 October Compound:

The Lulua 6 October Compound project makes it difficult to find faults. There are several advantages in the Lulua 6 October compound, including the wide spaces and the many types of units for sale, which are available for all categories.

The real estate developer of the compound:

The Original Real Estate Development, Urban & Tourism Development is the real estate developer of the compound. The company was established in Cairo and it is an Egyptian joint stock company that is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate investment in Egypt.

The Original seeks to build a strong investment entity in the fields of urban and tourism development, and has a professional and specialized team with extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate sector. The company operates in a scientific and accurate manner and adheres to market standards to meet the aspirations and needs of customers.

The Original has a proven track record of success in implementing its projects and activities in the field of real estate investment. Thanks to its ability to make contracts and contracts, the company was able to achieve a distinguished position among the companies in the sector due to its great execution capabilities.

The Original implements many projects in various locations nationwide, to meet the needs of different categories of customers at different levels. The Original Company is an excellent choice for clients looking for quality and reliability in the field of real estate investment.


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