Layan Residence Compound Fifth Settlement

Fifth Settlement
Layan Residence Compound Fifth Settlement
Layan Residence Compound Fifth Settlement this compound is Special because there are many units available
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Layan Residence Compound Fifth Settlement this compound is Special because there are many units available

Layan Residence Compound Fifth Settlement

Layan Residence Compound Fifth Settlement is one of the most famous projects by Landmark Residence. This company has been created to provide an exclusive and luxurious community where you will feel right at home. Everything you need is right here, from the stunning views to the best amenities.

Layan Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement, is a place where you feel comfortable and private. It is far from any disturbance or pollution and it is close to all the things that you could want to do. It was designed with the features of luxury and sophistication to attract the high tastes of customers.

The compound contains a lot of different types of elements, all of which are close to important places and roads. This will make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

Location of Layan Residence Compound :

Layan Residence Compound is located in New Cairo, close to some of the city’s most important roads, main axes, and important areas. So if you are looking for a place where you can have all the luxury and fun your heart desires, then this is the place for you

The Layan Residence Compound has a lot of different ways that you can access it, and it’s located in a really cool area of the city with a lot of big buildings. It also has a lot of different places to stay, so you can find the perfect place to stay. Finally, we will tell you all the important information about the site.

The nearby places of Layan Residence Compound:

The compound is located in one of the distinctive areas in Greater Cairo, Fifth Settlement.

  • It is also close to the American University (AUC), only 5 minutes apart.
  • It is also located near the most famous club in the Fifth Settlement, which is the Platinum Club.
  • The compound is located a short distance from one of the largest parks in New Cairo, Village Garden.
  • Not far from the famous Palm Hills Katameya Compound
  • It is also not far from the well-known Golden Square area.
  • Due to the distinction of the location, it is surrounded by a wide range of important government and private facilities, including schools, hospitals, various universities, and major restaurants.

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Layan Residence Compound Designs:

  • The French style is popular because it has a unique flavor and is often seen as quaint and historic.
  • This style was chosen as the main theme of Liane’s luxury home, which was designed to be very beautiful and sophisticated.
  • The compound is characterized by warm colors that are pleasant to the eyes, and there are a lot of green spaces to make it lively and different from other places.
  • The new spa has many different unit types to choose from so you can find the perfect place to unwind. In addition, the different views help give each unit a special feel.

Layan Residence Compound Spaces:

The project area includes a large number of homes in the Fifth Settlement, and it is spread over a total area of 233 acres. This is equivalent to 978,600 square metres. One part of the district is dedicated to natural beauty and basic services, such as recreation. The other part is for all types of units, including apartments, condos, and townhouses.

The compound contains different types of attractive units that make it easier for customers to choose the ideal unit for them. There are twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas, and there are more than 1,200 units in the compound with integrated facilities.

  • Standalone villas are smaller than twin houses and townhouses.
  • The standalone villa’s space ranges from 376 square meters to 297 square meters.
  • Twin houses are larger than standalone villas and have larger spaces.
  • Townhouses are the smallest types of units, ranging in size from 266 square meters to 297 square meters.

Features of Layan Residences Compound:

  • Creativity and excellence are the main principles on which the project is based. This means that it provides residents with everything they need to be happy, from the entrances to the units they own, as well as the various services and facilities that have been carefully planned to serve everyone.
  • Layan Compound has a large space, so it can use it to enjoy many different services and facilities.
  • Some of these services and facilities are designed to look like the French character, a mixture of modernity and antique European flair. This makes the architecture of Layan Sabbour a symbol of supreme beauty and sophistication.
  • The green cover in the place provides a beautiful view of the landscape, both natural and artificial, which is pleasing to the eye and the soul. There are several swimming pools, among which are pools of different sizes, for all residents of all ages to enjoy.

Services and facilities of Layan Residence Compound:

  • The sports center has three large sports clubs with a variety of sports that you and your children can participate in. There is a large gym with the latest equipment to help you exercise and keep you fit and healthy.
  • It contains many different games and activities to make kids have a lot of fun.
  • There is a spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and more, to make them feel relaxed and happy.
  • In addition, there is a large commercial area with a mall, so that they can find everything they need, and there are many shopping areas nearby, so that children can get what they want.
  • Lots of cafes and restaurants provide great services to the people who live in the same area.
  • A medical center that provides the highest level of care to the people who live there, with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified doctors working all day. International schools that provide a very high standard of education to children.
  • To help reduce crowding in the compound, a large garage has been provided so that people can put their cars in it.
  • The compound is also protected by an integrated security system equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and security systems.

Layan Residences Compound Prices:

The Fifth Settlement is considered one of the most wonderful areas in New Cairo, due to the many services and facilities provided by the state to residents. Layan Compound is very special because it is inside it, and it also contains a lot of new features that make the residents’ lives very comfortable.

Lots of great features and deals are available in Layan Compound, which is the best place to buy a home in the area. You can easily pay for your home using the convenient payment system of Layan Sabbour, and there are always new offers to enjoy.

  • The townhouse price starts from 2,414,000 EGP.
  • As for the twin house, its price starts from 3,400,000 pounds.

The real estate developer of Layan Residence Compound:

Engineer Ahmed Sabbour is the founder of Landmark Sabbour Real Estate Development Company. This company was established in 2007 and is affiliated with the well-known Al-Ahly Sabbour Company, which is the real estate developer of the Layan Sabbour project.

From the beginning, this company had a clear vision of what it wanted to achieve in the field of major companies in Egypt and the Middle East, and one of its main goals is to work with other companies and major international entities in order to provide the Egyptian community with distinguished and developed projects that better meet the needs of its customers.

Landmark Architect Sabbour was very interested in the development of technology when designing or implementing his projects. This has helped make the buildings and complexes more distinct from each other and made it easier for residents to live their lives and work in different areas of the malls.

Previous works of Landmark Sabbour:

  • Mall One Ninety New Cairo.
  • Zoya Ghazala Bay Resort in the North Coast.
  • Aria Compound, Mostakbal City.
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