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 Lasirena North Coast

Lasirena North Cost is one of the most beautiful and wonderful tourist villages on the North Coast, as it is characterized by a privileged location near Ras El Hekma Bay, with a distinctive and wonderful view of the seashore from a resort with soft sands.

Developer of Lasirena Resort North Coast

The Lasirena North Coast project is presented by La Sirena Group for Real Estate Development and Development, La Sirena Group, a company specialized in providing distinctive architectural designs with elegance and sophistication. La Sirena Palm Beach Hotel, La Sirena Al Zafarana Tourist Hotel, La Sirena Oyoun Musa Ras Sidr and other distinctive projects.

Lasirena Group is interested in real estate development and development, lasirena group, in providing units that satisfy all tastes of customers by displaying different spaces, and was interested in creating a more perfect life by providing various entertainment facilities. lasirena group The project is to provide a variety of water games on the beachfront, in addition to the creative design in the form of terraces so that the sea view is clear from all residential units.

Among the advantages of the La Sirena Resort project in the North Coast is the presence of chalets, villas, and duplexes of different spaces that suit everyone at very special prices, which are considered unique and are not offered in other residential projects, with a different package of installment systems extending up to 10 years.

La Sirena Resort North Coast location

location of Lasirena Resort is characterized by a great strategic location, as:

  • it is located 165 km from Alexandria.
  • The resort is about 90 minutes from Alexandria and about 120 minutes from Cairo,
  • and the new Fouka Road shortens the great distance between the North Coast and Cairo.
  • residential units and chalets overlook the Mediterranean coast in a wonderful way, as the beach extends with a width of up to 460 meters, and 20% has been allocated to the space of the residential units, while the rest of the space has been allocated to the vast green spaces and wonderful recreational places.
  • The space of Lasirena North Coast La Sirena North Cost
  • The area of ​​Lasirena Resort in the North Coast is about 55 acres, and it also overlooks the Mediterranean coast,
  • and the project units reach about 1000 units on different areas to suit all tastes of customers.

There are chalets for sale in La Sirena North Coast Resort of different sizes, starting from 90 m² up to 150 m², at prices suitable for families.

Chalets in the North Coast for sale

There are fully finished chalets in Lasirena with different areas, starting from 60 square meters up to 105 square meters,

The chalets have a distinctive view of the sea coast to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

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Lasirena North Coast Resort Payment Systems

  • La Sirena Group offers La Sirena Resort payment systems in a manner that suits all investors and customers, including:
  • 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • 15% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 9 years.
  • 30% down payment and the rest in installments over 10 years.

Lasirena Resort Services North Coast

  • The following are the services of La Sirena Resort, which are distinguished in a way that meets customer services, including:
  • 24-hour security system, cameras and modern technology systems to provide great protection for customers
  • Vast green spaces of up to 83% distributed between chalets and villas in a wonderful way.
  • The developer paid special attention to privacy in the Lasirena North Coast North Coast village project, where there are covered swimming pools for women.
  • One of the unique services in the La Sirena project in the North Coast is camping on the seashore.
  • Special areas for recreation suitable for all children with a high level protection system.
  • Fountains are designed on a high standard among the green spaces.
  • Commercial services at the highest level with the most famous brands to meet all the needs of the population.
  • Specialized places for reading characterized by calm amidst the green spaces.
  • Specialized water sports on the beach to enjoy the most beautiful and sweetest times.
  • A special marina for fishing for lovers of fishing activity.
  • Private garages to prevent congestion.
  • Dedicated cycling paths.
  • Various swimming pools suitable for all age groups.
  • International restaurants and cafes with delicious food.
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