Kenz Compound 6 October

6th of October
Kenz Compound 6 October
Kenz 6 October compound is a very special project because it was created by First Group, one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt. This has made it very popular among buyers and has considered a better option than other homes.
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Kenz 6 October compound is a very special project because it was created by First Group, one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt. This has made it very popular among buyers and has considered a better option than other homes.

Kenz Compound 6 October

Kenz Compound 6 October. First Group responsible for the new residential project called a Kenz Compound 6 October. This place is completely new and contains a lot of great things that can be seen and do.

Kenz Compound 6 October is located in a central part of Giza Governorate, near important areas such as the airport and the central area. It also has a well -designed urban area that meets the needs of people who want to live in a quieter area.

There are a lot of green spaces, industrial lakes, walking corridors, and children’s areas. It features a good separation between residential areas from the commercial area and service areas, so the population has a degree of privacy and freedom to do what they want.

  • Kenz Compound 6 October is a complex of high -quality residential buildings designed to meet the latest international engineering standards. Each unit is equipped with the best facilities and services to meet the needs of its individuals. All have a comfortable and luxurious feeling.
  • Kenzin Compound is a very special project other than the Egyptian real estate market. It is owned by First Group and this makes it very special because it has many advantages compared to other projects. This has led many people to buy homes there instead of other places.
  • Kenzin Compound is a new project from Versen Group. It includes all the basic amenities and recreational activities needed by families.
  • The Kenz Project is located in the 6th of October City in Giza Governorate and is close to many different things, including malls, bridges, roads and important facilities. It is also close to many people, but it is not close to noise, pollution or crowding.
  • Some people who live here enjoy privacy and luxury, because their units overlook green spaces that separate them from others in a comfortable and psychologically safe way.
  • The sizes and shapes of the units vary, and the customer can choose the finishing system he wants.

Location of The Compound:

Kenz Compound 6 October is located in October Gardens in October 6th.

Places close to the location:

The strategic location of the Kenz Compound 6 October is its first feature. It is located in the October Gardens, which is one of the finest areas in the city. In addition to the proximity of the compound of the important places and methods.

  • It has many important places near, such as Zewail University.
  • This part of Cairo is located near some of the most famous neighborhoods and places such as the trees area, Dream Land, and the Sun Capital.
  • It is also close to the Media Production City and the Mall of Egypt.

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Area of The Compound 6 October:

  • The location of the location in which a Kenz Compound 6 October is about 30 acres.
  • About 75 % of the area of the residential complex for green spaces, gardens and water bodies is allocated so that the residents can enjoy the scenic views. The remaining area is divided between residential buildings.
  • Kenz Compound 6 October is a large building with many different rooms. On the ground floor there are five floors of the rooms, and there are more rooms over it
  • There are different types of apartments in buildings, including luxury apartments, duplex and penthos.
  • There are many different areas in the project, from 145 square meters to 290 square meters.

Services in The Compound :

  • There are a lot of fun things that you can do in a Kenz Compound 6 October. There are places where you can relax and enjoy them, in addition to places where you can learn or do something new.
  • Kenz Compound 6 October has a lot of wide green spaces where people can enjoy swimming and play games and comfort.
  • There are also a lot of swimming pools for adults and children, so that everyone can have fun time.
  • The gardens have 24 -hour security and the safety of people is always preserved.
  • There is a special parking for residents so that there is no congestion.
  • Kenz Compound 6 October features beautiful gardens and landscapes.
  • There are artificial fountains in beautiful trauma colors.
  • Club House is in the project where you can eat and delicious drink.
  • There are cafes and restaurants that offer delicious food and drinks.
  • There is a commercial area with some of the most famous international brands.
  • There is a social club where you can meet friends and family and use the gym as well.
  • There is also a children’s playing area, and in the Kenz Compound 6 October there are many sports fields such as tennis, squash, football and other activities.
  • The most important characteristic of Kenz Compound 6 October is that they are located near other places.

Features of Kenz Compound 6 October:

  • There are many beautiful and elegant residential buildings in aKenz Compound 6 October.
  • There is also a large mosque with distinctive architectural designs.
  • There are also medical clinics and pharmacies there.
  • There is also a nursery and international schools.
  • The streets are lit using clean solar energy and have 24 -hour surveillance cameras.
  • Security and guard services are always present and operate around the clock.

Prices of The Compound:

The company that owns the project was keen that the prices in the canal can be a fair treasure for everyone.

The price per square meter in October gardens starts from 5,000 Egyptian pounds. The price of the buildings repeatedly starts from 6000 Egyptian pounds and reaches 8500 Egyptian pounds. This is done in order to provide comfortable payment systems.

Disadvantages of The Compound :

Kenz Compound 6 October Project makes it difficult to find defects, there are several moods at the October 6 Concreen Compound, which is wide areas and the types of units for sale in many and available for all categories

payment systems in the Compound:

There are many apartments for sale in October Kenz Compound 6 October, which comes with different payment plans and payment methods. You can choose to own your apartment immediately with a 25 % provider and payment periods of up to 6 years.

  • Unit prices in the project vary a lot, from very cheap to somewhat expensive. But it is on average cheaper
  • With many other types of housing. This is especially true to the largest units.
  • The customer pays 15 % of the total cost of the unit in advance, and the remaining amount is paid for 96 months.
  • The unit will be delivered within two years of the contract, and maintenance fees will be paid by 5 % in addition to the unit price.
  • The first stage of the units will be available to you to receive them immediately, and the second stage of the units can be delivered within one year of signing the contract.
  • The company provides home delivery service with an area of more than 200 square meters. You can pay the whole price in advance, or you can pay it over time.
  • You will be able to pay the price of the units and also include the club’s subscription. Full finishes units will be delivered so that you can start using them immediately.

The real estate developer of The Compound:

Kenz Compound 6 October is a compound created by the First Group.

Previous works of The First Group:

  • Lazord project in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Gardens Project Sixth of October.
  • New Jarden City in Sheikh Zayed City.
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