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Il Bosco Mostakbal City
Il Bosco New Cairo has different types of homes, including apartments, townhouses, and twin houses. Each one has different sizes, and they are all located in the neighborhood.
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Il Bosco New Cairo has different types of homes, including apartments, townhouses, and twin houses. Each one has different sizes, and they are all located in the neighborhood.

Il Bosco Mostakbal city

IL Bosco is located in the heart of Al Mostakbal City and enjoys a privileged location between the Fifth Settlement and the New Administrative Capital. It has an amazing and beautiful looking infrastructure.

The city of Bosco is a large open space with lots of greenery and beautiful landscaping. There are also many forms of forests, unique trees and lakes.

Bosco is a large and new residential project in Mostakbal City. It is a project of Misr Italia, one of the largest real estate companies in the world, and it features elegant and modern designs that meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Il Bosco City Location

Misr Italia has chosen a great location for its new project, and this is always a good sign because it means that the project will be successful and of high quality. One of the most important things about the project site is that it has great features, such as its proximity to important landmarks.

Bosco is a city located in the heart of New Cairo. It is a great location, as it is close to important development projects in Egypt, such as the New Administrative Capital. It is also located on two important roads – the Eastern Ring Road and the Middle and Regional Ring Road. It is also close to the famous Palm Hills Compound.

Project area and unit types:

The compound is located on a large area of land of about 270 acres. There are many green spaces and landscapes, in addition to services that occupy a large part of the land. The company was keen to provide its clients with unique designs for their units and spaces, in addition to all the necessary amenities to make the compound a unique and comfortable place to live.

Il Bosco City New Cairo project is the largest and most complex of all Mostakbal City projects. This allows for many different types of services and beautiful designs for the entire area.

The green river runs through the city, and the natural forests in the project give it an attractive atmosphere. In addition, the city feels like a different country, which helps residents relax and recover.

The company made units of different sizes and designs to suit all customers’ needs.

Il Bosco New Cairo has different types of homes, including apartments, townhouses, and twin houses. Each one has different sizes, and they are all located in the neighborhood.

Il Bosco units in Mostakbal City feature a distinctive view of the green forest river, landscapes, and gardens.

The compound also has shops, offices, and commercial units of different sizes suitable for all activities.

  • Detached villas are available in three sizes: 342 sqm, 286 sqm and 237 sqm.
  • The area of the twin houses and townhouses is 197 square meters, and it consists of three bedrooms.
  • The area of the apartment ranges from 140 to 175 square metres, and it consists of three bedrooms.
  • The areas of the apartments range from 105 to 125 square meters, and they consist of two bedrooms.
  • The area of the penthouse apartments is 235 square meters, with attached ceilings of 50 square meters, and it consists of four bedrooms.

payment methods:

You can pay a 5% downpayment and the rest in installments for 5-12 years.

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Bosco City Design:

The project was divided into residential apartments – twin houses – standalone villas in different areas, which are suitable for the size and nature of all families. It was built in the American style and is a large building surrounded by a wall and lots of greenery.
The project is developed on a reasonably large area of 200 acres, albeit only 20% of it is actually used for construction; The remainder is set aside for services, restrooms, and gardens.
Il Bosco City of the Future is a city full of nature. It is called the “Green City” because it is full of picturesque landscapes, green spaces, forests, and trees. The project has a large green plant to make it easy to find any service area in the compound.

Services and facilities in the IL Bosco Compound:

Misr Italia is trying to be the best in presenting its art in the Bosco City complex in New Cairo, which looks like a beautiful green city in the middle of the other cities around it. They hired firms that specialize in decorating and architecture design to help them with the project.

The project has created stunning designs, integrated services and infrastructure. Some of the services available in the project include things that many residents want, such as a lot of different services.

  • There are many swimming pools, whether covered or exposed, of different sizes in the compound.
  • There are also sports clubs and fitness halls, as well as a sauna, spa and gym.
  • There are also places for practicing sports such as walking, running and cycling, health units, clinics and medical services.
  • There are many international restaurants and cafes and many stores for people who love shopping.
  • There is also a commercial area and an administrative area. There are social and cultural clubs.
  • You can celebrate in places designated for private parties and barbecues.
  • The project also includes meeting rooms and educational services. The compound has many places for children’s recreational games, such as large playgrounds.
  • The most important characteristic of the compound is that it contains natural forests that provide a place with a pure, clean and pollution-free environment.
  • There is also a green footbridge that connects the residential area to the commercial area, making for a pleasant open stroll.


About the real estate developer, IL Bosco City, Mostakbal City

Misr Italia is a leading real estate developer in Egypt, specializing in a variety of high-end projects across the country. By caring for our customers, who motivate us to move forward while developing the latest designs and urban solutions, we hope to change public perceptions of the real estate market, which is constantly expanding.

The El Bosco project is distinguished by its picturesque geographical location, its unparalleled urban designs, as well as its high-end services and amenities

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