Golden Gates Mokkatam Compound

Golden Gates Mokkatam Compound
Golden Gates Mokkatam Compound A really nice compound to live in because it has a lot of special features that make it ideal for living.
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Golden Gates Mokkatam Compound A really nice compound to live in because it has a lot of special features that make it ideal for living.

Golden Gates Mokkatam Compound

Golden Gates Mokkatam Compound is a place where people can live in luxury, because it is located near important places in Cairo. The compound has many features that make it an ideal place to live in, such as high-quality services, high-end designs, and a variety of spaces and designs. In addition, the rates are good for people who want to pay in cash or pay in installments.

There are different types of units, including apartments, duplexes, and penthouses. Some units have spaces starting from 56 square meters up to 205 square meters. The project also includes many different residential units, which are characterized by different designs to meet the needs of different families.

Location of Golden Gates Compound :

The compound is located in Mokattam, near the intersection of Street 9 and Al Shaheed Axis. It is only 7 minutes away from the ring road, and it is located near the Asmarat project.

Places near Golden Gates Compound:

  • Golden Gates Compound is only 13 minutes away from the heart of Nasr City
  • It is 16 minutes away from Fifth Settlement.
  • It is about 26 minutes away from the center of Cairo
  • It is about 27 minutes away from Maadi.

Units Spaces within Golden Gates Compound:

Golden Gates Compound is a place where you can find different types of housing, including studios, one-bedroom apartments, and penthouses.

Residential Units Space:

There are different types of residential units, from small studios to large apartments. The unit size can vary, from apartments of 56 square meters to those of 205 square meters.

Apartments space:

Different sizes of apartments are available from 82 square meters to 200 square meters.

We have apartments with a really high standard of luxury finishes, so you can choose which room or bathroom you want. The design was based on the privacy of all the people who lived there.

Apartments are usually located in a building of several floors, with a maximum of six floors.

Penthouse space:

Penthouse units are available with a large area. It is best for families who need a lot of space. Penthouses are usually found on the sixth floor of a block building, which is the last floor.

The penthouse has six floors and more than two bathrooms. It also has an ideal area for farming, in addition to the beautiful view area.

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Payment systems in Golden Gates Compound:

The payment methods available in Golden Gates Compound vary according to the type of housing provided by the real estate developer. For example, you can pay the full price up front, or you can make monthly or annual payments, depending on the terms of the contract. You can only receive your unit after a year of contracting, and you will not have to pay any amount in advance.

Services available within the Golden Gates Compound:

The compound provides many important services that the residents of the compound need, and it is one of the most important attractions that people come to see, here are the most important of them:

  • The compound has security guards to keep the area around the compound safe.
  • The compound management provides hotel services to the residents
  • There is a private gym and an upscale health club.
  • There is also a gym for various sports
  • And a large commercial mall to meet the needs of the population.
  • The compound has many international restaurants
  • And a medical complex for various specialties.
  • The compound also has football fields, swimming pools, and administrative buildings.
  • There are places of worship such as mosques.

Features of Golden Gates Compound:

  • The compound is close to important roads
  • It has a lot of green areas which are important for air technology and oxygen supply.
  • It also has a lot of educational services such as nurseries, schools and universities.
  • There are residential units of different sizes and super lux finishes with the latest designs.
  • Availability of services provided by the compound throughout the day.
  • You can buy units at reasonable prices and convenient installments, or rent.

Disadvantages of Golden Gates Compound:

The Golden Gates Compound project makes it difficult to find faults. There are several advantages in the Golden Gates Compound, including the wide spaces and the many types of units for sale, which are available for all categories.

Features of the Mokattam area:

Mokattam is a residential area in Cairo. It extends for tens of kilometers, and includes three hills: the upper plateau, the middle plateau, and the smaller plateau. One of the most famous streets in Mokattam is Street 9, which runs through most areas of Mokattam from Fountain Square to the Asmarat neighborhood.

Mokattam has a lot of services that are available at all times, including sports clubs, schools, recreational areas, and restaurants. It is also close to the Ring Road, Nasr City, the Fifth Settlement, and New Cairo. There are different units with different prices and sizes, so everyone can find what they are looking for.

The real estate developer of Golden Gates Compound:

Golden Gates Compound was developed by an Egyptian company called Abdel Rahman for Real Estate Investment. This company is exclusive and only works with other Egyptian companies. This worked a The company has been involved in many projects in Shorouk, New Cairo and Mokattam over the past 25 years. This means that it is an experienced real estate company that is still in business today.

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