Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna

Ain Sukhna
Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna
Due to the good location of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna, the project is considered one of the largest projects ever built in Ain Sokhna. The resort's designs, along with the services it provides to its guests, aim to give them the impression that they are in a rural area in Europe. It also has all amenities needed for leisure and recreation.
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Due to the good location of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna, the project is considered one of the largest projects ever built in Ain Sokhna. The resort's designs, along with the services it provides to its guests, aim to give them the impression that they are in a rural area in Europe. It also has all amenities needed for leisure and recreation.

Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna 

Details about Blue Blue Ain Sokhna:

The latest and best project of Mutawa Group is called Blue Blue Sokhna. The group carefully chose the location of the resort – near windmills – so that guests can experience movement of fresh air all year round.

Designing Blue Blue Ain Sokhna :

One of the most important tourist destinations, Blue Blue Sokhna offers chalets in a range of sizes and various payment options to accommodate the majority of visitors. Building chalets with distinctive and original architectural designs is not the only goal in society.

However, the main objective is to provide the whole family with the means of entertainment and safety in each chalet. As a result, each chalet is equipped with a hotel, in addition to a variety of restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, gyms, a party area and other facilities to suit all tastes and needs.

Location of Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna:

  • The windmills area was chosen as the location for the Blue Blue Resort Sokhna to offer fresh and natural air throughout the year for vacationers and windsurfing, which is the most enjoyable water sport. In order to avoid the risky coastal road with curves, the project can be easily reached via the new road heading to Ain Sokhna Gate..
  • Blue Blue Sokhna is located 80 minutes from Cairo on Zaafarana Road in front of windmills and near water.
  • The distance between Blue Blue Sokhna and the New Administrative Capital is 90 kilometers. It is about 110 kilometers away from Suez.

The area and dimensions of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna:

  • The city of Suez and the project separate them about 110 kilometers.
  • The project’s distance from the New Administrative Capital is 90 km, or about 45 minutes.
  • Ain Sokhna Gate and the project are 55 miles away and can be reached in about 25 minutes.
  • The project is next to Mountain View 2 and in front of Mills 2.
  • The project is 55 km from the gates of Sokhna.

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Features and services of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna:

We find that water bodies and green spaces cover 80% of the resort compared to only 20% of the buildings, and the village is characterized by a high degree of efficiency in security, guarding and privacy. All chalets and villas of the resort are surrounded by green spaces and water bodies with an area of ​​​​12,000 meters distributed throughout the village of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna.

The five core regions Blue Blue Resort is Blue Island, Lake View, Blue River, Sea View and Water Front.

  • The characteristics that distinguish Blue Blue Sokhna from other initiatives are::
  • It contains the flowing river, which is used for transportation by pontoons around the village
  • On an area of ​​approximately 30,000 square meters, Blue Blue Sokhna offers a beach area with a variety of amenities.
  • Beachfront entertainment areas, party area
  • The units of Blue Blue Sokhna are characterized by beautiful interior architecture and green spaces.
  • Islands, water features, fountains, water bodies and enormous Crystal Lagoons
  • An integrated project-level security system with cameras and other tools to track people
  • Green spaces for hikers and environmental enthusiasts
  • Restaurants and cafes from abroad
  • The use of sports facilities is open to all.
  • Parking Garage
  • Commercial area with stores
  • Youth area
  • Inside the village, there is a comprehensive security system of guarding, security, and surveillance cameras.
  • Huge commercial complex and electronic gate
  • Several different commercial services to meet the demands and convenience of customers

The payment system in Blue Blue Ain Sokhna:

  • Starting from 10% down payment – with the best installment systems up to 9 years
  • The summer resort is located within, where you can benefit from the most stunning views and a prime location close to all major roads and all amenities nearby.
  • Whatever you want, it is the perfect place for you in the picturesque resort of Sokhna.
  • Pay only 10% in nine equal installments.
  • In addition to a 20% cash discount, fast receipt, and super lux finishing in Blue Blue Resort, Ain Sokhna

Features that you will get from Blue Blue Resort in Ain Sokhna:

If you want to live near Cairo in an area with warm summer and winter weather, then Ain Sokhna is the right place for you. Ain Sokhna Resort is a great place not only to spend weekends and summer vacations, but also to own your residential unit there because the costs of chalets and residential units there are normal..

Ain Sukhna is considered one of the most wonderful tourist sites in the Red Sea, and it offers a large number of the finest beaches with silky yellow sand that sparkles in the sunlight.

Ain Sukhna is one of the destinations that Egyptians, Arabs and visitors from other countries travel to for a variety of reasons:

  • Ain El Sokhna Resort is one of the closest resorts overlooking the Red Sea in Cairo
  • The villages of Ain Sokhna are characterized by the provision of basic facilities and services
  • Average prices of Ain Sokhna units and chalets
  • Ain Sukhna enjoys a mild climate throughout the year
  • Ain Sokhna is your ideal destination, with a sandy beach and clear waters suitable for water activities
  • Ain Sokhna chalets for relaxation and privacy

Brief about the real estate developer of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna:

Mutawa Group Real Estate Development CompanyMG Developments, the real estate developer of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Village is one of the most new and interesting roads of Al Mutawa Real Estate Investment Group, one of the largest and most famous real estate development companies in Egypt. It was established in 1998 and is managed by Eng. Mohamed Mostafa Mutawa. Since many distinguished residential and tourist projects have been implemented on the latest modern designs, its primary goal is the comfort of its customers.

The most well-known project of the organization, which has many projects in many new urban areas in Egypt, is:

  • La Vida Residential Compound in New Heliopolis.
  • Premier Sky View Tower.
  • Administrative business project at the headquarters.
  • Premium Business project.




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