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Al Burouj Compound
A prominent metropolis and one of the best ultra-modern residential compounds is Al Burouj Compound. A few images shared from images that surfaced in 2011. You can select from a wide range of house and villa designs as well as a huge number of amenities and extras that you will not find anywhere else amid the surrounding greenery and the distinctive European district.
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A prominent metropolis and one of the best ultra-modern residential compounds is Al Burouj Compound. A few images shared from images that surfaced in 2011. You can select from a wide range of house and villa designs as well as a huge number of amenities and extras that you will not find anywhere else amid the surrounding greenery and the distinctive European district.

Al Burouj Compound El Shorouk

Al Burouj Compound resembles a brand-new, modern world of upscale residences surrounded by well-executed amenities at one of New Cairo’s most important locations near HSC in Shorouk.

AlBurouj is the ideal choice if you want to improve the quality of life for your family by obtaining a variety of personalised services, supported by joint expertise in the Egyptian and Dubai real estate markets.

Location of Al Burouj Compound:

Al Burouj Compound is situated in El Shorouk City along the Cairo-Ismalia Road, providing access to the Regional Ring Road, 3rd Axis, and Geneva Road, Cairo’s three main entrances. Al Burouj and The New Capital City are near to one another, and the compound’s position gives residents a real benefit in terms of convenience for travelling to other locations.

Due to its proximity to several facilities in Egypt, Alburouj Compound in El Shorouk has become the top choice for many buyers:

  • The distance between the International Cairo airport and al burouj City is 15 minutes.
  • Only 20 minutes between New Cairo and Al Borouj.
  • El Borouj Compound is around 10 minutes away from New Capital City.

Land Space El Borouj Compound:

El Borouj Compound, created on a super-sized area of 1200 Feddan for a total cost of 4.47 billion, was designed to provide a large number of clients with upscale living choices while maintaining the proper balance between the residential portion and the aesthetically pleasing views.

As a result, CGP provided services to almost 83% of the Al Burouj space, one of the most integrated lands in Al Mostakbal City, for the development of green spaces and provision of various types of facilities.

The remainder, which makes up 17% of the entire estate, is a residential area with some of the most important facilities dispersed across the compound.

Al Burouj Compound in extremely prestigious neighbourhoods, each with a unique exquisite print, was brilliantly designed by CGP Company where people have the opportunity to enjoy sophistication and distinction.

Al Burouj has 16 residential neighbourhoods in total, making it highly qualified for an opulent lifestyle where all the utilities are offered with excellence.

You will find yourself in one of the magnificent stages of Al Burouj Compound if you are one among those people looking for wealth.

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The Division of Al Burouj Compound:

In designing Al Borouj Compound in incredibly exclusive neighbourhoods with a unique gorgeous print for each, CGP Company displayed genius where citizens have the luxury of enjoying elegance and distinction.

Al Burouj has 16 residential neighbourhoods in all, making it extremely capable of supporting an opulent lifestyle with first-rate service for all amenities.

1- First Phase of Villa Park within the Al Burouj Compound:

In Al Burouj Compound, Villa Park will be the first prominently featured area for high-class villas. Property owners have the option of living with a full view of Orchard Park, one of the largest, or choosing to live close to the club in a house on the club’s side. However, both choices have the same premium features, so confusion is unnecessary!

Residential unit types include:

  • 339 m2 for Villa Type (A).
  • 433 m2 for Villa Type (B).

If you’re seeking for the best Standalone villa choices, Jana should be at the top of your list. Like Villa Park, Jana Al Burouj Compound residents will get partial and comprehensive views of Orchard Park, a park with a focus on tranquilly.

  • Villa with one story: 210 m2.
  • 205 m2 for Type F1.

Al Biat at Al Burouj Compound| El Shorouk City Al Bait’s design resembles a seamless fusion of services and stunning views, where exceptional quality is offered with excellence. Customers of Al Bait Al Burouj Compound are promised a top-notch class finished home where they may take advantage of efficiently utilised spaces and a variety of housing options.

If you belong to the group of people looking for wealth, you will discover one of the compound’s magnificent phases.

Why Al Burouj Compound is worth your Attention?

With careful regard for everyone’s various needs, Al Burouj Compound in El Shorouk City provides a high degree of competency that is designed to make it easier for locals to go about their daily lives.

Types of Residential Units in Al Burouj Compound:

A significant number of 29,000 residential units in notable designs and various areas were introduced throughout the 2000-Feddan Community. Al Burouj Compound’s residential area takes up about 17% of the overall area.

Each residential phase is distinguished by its unique housing type that is provided in different spaces; Check Out most common spaces now:

  • The space of apartments starts from 90 Sqm to 190 Sqm.
  • The space of the townhouse starts from 165 Sqm to 245 Sqm.
  • The space of the duplex is 176 Sqm

Top Benefits and Services in Al Burouj Compound:

Capital Group Properties Company was able to bridge the gap between providing the most necessary services and creating the aesthetic views offered in Al Burouj Compound through effective collaboration with the top experienced organisations in all associated firms. In the Al Borouj Compound, there is something for everyone, regardless of age, to do.

  • A sizable commercial mall where you may find all your favourite local and international retailers.
  • El Borouj Compound is entirely protected by a sophisticated security system made up of contemporary supervillains and guards.
  • Alburouj offers a variety of kid-friendly places across the site with the highest levels of security and amusement.
  • All you require is a medical facility with a team of professionals with experience in all areas of medicine.

Disadvantages of Al Burouj compound:

An integrated project like the Al Burouj Compound makes it difficult to find flaws, with all the villas and apartments in the wide variety of spaces allowed the apartments’ area to be comparable to that of villas in some other projects, and apartments also have a significant advantage over villas: they can be purchased for a lower price.

The Price Of Al Burouj Compound & Its Payment System:

Besides the outstanding services and customised housing options provided in Al Bourouj, Capital Properties Group (CPG) was keen to offer competitive prices for its super-luxe residential units in El Borouj Compound.

Al Bourouj Compound prices start from 2,500,000 Eg.

The Payment System in Alburouj Compound:

Offering facilitation is a privilege in the housing industry, especially for those who are looking forward to investing their money in a valuable asset with a value that would be doubled in the future.

A 10% down payment is required as a down payment; it can be divided equally two times. The remaining cost is paid over ten years.

The Developer of Al burouj Compound:

Capital Group Properties is the Developer of Al Burouj Compound With its 15 years of experience, Capital Group Properties, a subsidiary of Al-Ain Properties in Dubai, has been able to influence the Egyptian real estate market with innovative ideas and opulent, modern designs.

Alburouj Shorouk City is regarded as CPG’s first frontier residential project in Egypt and has drawn a lot of interest from buyers of real estate.

However, Capital Properties Group has been growing in a variety of fast-growing industries, including hotels, education, and capital markets, which has contributed to its presence in the Egyptian real estate market.

It’s important to note that Al Ain Properties, the parent business, dominated the real estate industry by using all of its resources to create opulent residential and hotel-based products.



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